Attitude. Juvenile, snotty, chip-on-the shoulder attitude.

On several occasions. Just Toooo Coool... don't make a scene, that's UnCooll...

Most recently a "manager" (maybe 19 years old) refused to do anything to a man brushing his scuzzy children's matted and tangled hair when I reported it, but rebuked me for shoving the guy back when he lunged at me --to tower over me within a few mM of my face. Yeah, sorry, but reflexes Do That when someone attacks you.

What about the 3 or 4 hair bushes this guy and his kids used AND PUT BACK ON THE SHELF! It's a Public Health Issue!!!

Oh? you just want me to be quiet while you call a security guard --while the scuzzy family saunter by and have a good laugh at me.

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Also he is most likely leaving things out, most likely the writer tried to molest on of the man's children or made a disgusting sexual comment and that is why he lunged at the writer. That is why he was the one that got into trouble instead of the father.

Funny how he forgot to mention about his sexual attraction for the father's children. Also the fact that he remains anonymous makes me wonder more if he tried to do something to the children or made a comment about the children. After all as a child molester he does not want us to know his identity.

He types like trash and people who go after children usually talk and type like him. Admit it you like going after ten year old writer.


what a dumb story, probably fake too.


You interfered so you got what you deserved. Also your spelling and grammar and behavior is juvenile itself.

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