I bought a tablet from Target and they offer free shipping the only thing is that they forgot to advise that I will take more than 10 days to received it... It is the worst, if you buy anything from them you better pay the extra 20 bucks they ask you for fast shipping.

Packages was sent via Post office, then transfer to UPS and then transfer again to Post office, WTF...for a 1.8lbs package? really?? it's a joke. Such a big corporation sending a $500purchase for the cheapest way??..

seriously Target!!.. I received package from ebay sooner from regular people not even from a business.. and I get packages in 5 days max..

even from China... Walmart offer same free shipping and much faster next time I just buy from Walmart or Sear better..never again

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Orlando, Florida, United States #859337

If an item is listed as "In Stock," it will usually be ready to ship within 1-2 business days. Some "In Stock" items may have a longer lead time to prepare for shipment.

You may choose Standard Shipping (3-5 business days)

So right here Target tells you before the order is even placed that an order with standard shipping takes 4-7 business days to arrive to you.

And this is BUSINESS days.

So you can't count Saturday or Sunday which then yes can push the arrival up to 10 days. This is shown right there in black and white under Shipping and Returns when you order.

to MattD78 #1439290

Whatever the reason, Target's slow shipping will destroy them in today's market. Goodbye, Target!

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