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I placed an order to restock some pantry items. Packed inside one box was: two gallon bottles of water, two quart bottles of juice, two 35-ounce containers of coffeemate, a 6-pack of V8, a16-roll package of toilet paper, a container of ice tea powder, oh, and SIX BAGS OF POTATO CHIPS!

The box was like 50 pounds! They put the potato chips on the top of the items, put about 15 feet of squished brown paper on top of the contents, then smushed down the lids and sealed the package.

When I received the box, it was so heavy, I had to unload the contents into bags on the porch. Everything was covered in greasy potato chip crumbs. I had to wash off every item I purchased, from the mess.

Oh, they did respect my Little Debbie snacks...they packed one package of snacks per big box, LOL!!

Apparently they need to teach the packers some common sense.

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Sorry but this made me laugh. Be thankful you didn't order wine glasses in your order


You should have ordered your potato chips from "Charles Chips" They deliver potato chips in metal cans and they are delicious, but they cost alot of money. My Grandma used to get them and they were really good, and they stay fresh in the metal cans that they come in. Real Potato Chips Too, Not like pringles!


What kind of Little Debbie Snacks did you get?


Common sense would tell you not to order potato chips for delivery.

to Anonymous #1570975

Eggs next week!

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