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I work at Target and all you idiots do is complain. Think of the workers.

Also before you go around accusing me of "name calling" *** is a state of being not name calling.

All you customers do is gang up against me when I try to defend my company. Well if you idiots knew how to read than you would see that sometimes I side with the customer, you ungrateful idiots. I don't want you shopping at my store if you are idiots.

Go shop at Wal-mart or Kmart. Don't want to deal with you idiots.

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stop complaining. The customer is always right.

Hand it over to the manager. Don't go home and kick your dog because you can't handle customers.

We all including you are customers at one time. Please calm down and treat people who help pay your wage politely .


I work at a target and all I am is nice and polite and I get treated like dirt. I don't understand why people who shop there think they need to be treated like royalty.

I bend over backwards and all people do is treat me like I'm not even a human. So go eff yourself in Walmart, you ungrateful ***!

I need a job where I don't have to talk to the public. People abuse retail workers everywhere because they know, as a customer, they can get away with it.

Moscow, Ohio, United States #225229

i agree with you may i help you with something? consumers can get rude. the only thing i know is why do they have spanish people for customer service if we speak English?


I have been buying the box of up and up baby wipes for a full year now. The latest box I just bought didn't have the clear sticker on the top of the wipes to close after each use.

So I have lost about 65% of the wipes because they have dried out. I just want to tell Target about this. I tried going to the store, but they didn't care.

Can anyone tell me how to contact them? I tried a few 800 numbers, but they were all automated.


Just read John's comment. Couldn't agree more - well said.


In response to: "Sick of Rude Customers". I really hope the person who posted this original comment gets fired.

Maybe the reason you have these problems with "***" customers is because you are the problem. Try being nice.... smile every once in awhile....

and treat people kindly. See what happens.



"Well "troll" isn't a name either. You are both acting like children. You both cannot admit you are wrong. You both think you are right."

Yes it is ***, and *** isn't name calling either it is a state of being.


"May I help you find something works at Target. He seems to think he knows everything. I have to agree with Cathy, there is no difference between calling someone a troll and calling someone a Bigot. Though starlife is a bigot. May I help you find something is clearly in the wrong as well. I wonder if Target trained him to be like this. I would not want to be a customer in his Target."

You did not read my comment, bigot is a state of being not name callling.

Okay you guys are all in junior high, so you don't know anything. I am an adult so I am right and all you idiots are wrong. Okay. You are all wrong Bigot is not name calling(unless you happen to be of French decent)it's a state of being, but troll is name calling. *** is not name calling either it is a state of being and starlife, Cathy, Irish, Wow, you are all idiots.


..and you are the governor of that state!


"Also before you go around accusing me of "name calling" *** is a state of being not name calling."

It starts out like a real sentence but then falls apart. Do people normally accuse you of '"name calling" ***'?



“So you are resulting to name calling as well. You called me a bigot.”

Nope. Unless by some strange coincidence you family roots are French, and you family surname is ‘Bigot’. Do you know what a bigot is (in contemporary terms)?


“BTW, you are the troll.”

Not by the definition that I posted earlier.


“You go to every Target letter defending the company just for attention, or bashing the company, completely doing the exact opposite of the respond they want.”

Well, at least you read my posts! You’re correct, I do respond to posts (don’t recall any ‘letters’) about my employer and I don’t always agree with the company or the OP. In fact, a lot of the time I think the OP is completely wrong. However, I don’t resort to name calling, but I do speak clearly and from first hand experience. For many this would be received as insults. I am hopeful that if the OP bothers to read it they will reconsider their position, and who knows, perhaps have a little more empathy for the TMs that work in Target. Anyone else, including you and the other frequent poster that answers everything with an insult about age, are welcome to post counter point and we can discuss it rationally (and hopefully without further insults).

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #155909

For those of you complaining about those you work with quit.


I work at a call center and I hate all of you all the time. You all expect the world and refuse to pay for it. Get a life people, no I won't match that price, no one cares

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #155818

May I help You Find Something





(Originally May I help You Find something)

It is obvious that you have nothing better to do than to whine about your customers. Make a letter on what Idiots they. Then when you realise the errors of your way instead of admitting it you claim somoene is pretending to be you. That you went on "vacation" Seriously grow up. No one falls for your ***.


What is the difference between calling some one and *** and calling them an ***hole? simple, one is the customer and the other the employee. The commom thing between an *** and an ***hole is that everyone has one, including Target.


Do you know any other word than "idiots". The repetitive nature of your "comment" demonstrates that you have very little experience with expressing yourself.

If Target has to rely on someone like you to state their case, they have already lost the battle. The pharmacy staff at my local Target is staffed by "idiots". Biting the hand that feeds you is ***, period. My business is going elsewhere.

Good customer service is necessary to encourage repeat business. That is a lesson that Target will learn in time, probably the hard way.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #153558

Your mother sounds like mine, she used tell me that Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you going to get.

Seriously though this person seems to think his opinion is right and everyone else is wrong. I agree with him, some complaints are dumb and could have been solved if they person kept their receipt or something that easy.


Mamma says *** is as *** does. Sounds like somebody should have worked harder in school.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #153455

Lol, this person goes around calling other people names, however when it is him doing the name calling he claims it is just state of being, not name calling.


With that kind of attitude I'm shocked you can call yourself a Team Member for Target. If you're not up for the complaints that come with working retail and can't handle them with at least a little respect then get out and quit putting yourself and others through your antics.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #153275

Like with that attitude we would want to deal with you anyway. You need a new line of work, and calling someone *** is name calling.

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