So I went to target to buy a new bathing suit.... i found one I really liked so i grabbed the top in my size and they didn't have the bottoms in my size so i went to customer service they said that there was my size in bottoms at the other target close by, I went to the other one and got the bottoms.

Then when I tried it on at home the top had a hole in it so I had to to go back to target and find a small, and they didn't have any so they said there was 1 more top in my size at the other target so i went to the other target and they DIDN"T HAVE IT!!! I am never shopping there again because of this event!

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Duh, the system that tells you there's more doesn't always update you ***. You should have better inspected them when buying them.

That's your own fault. :zzz

Wow--would you speak like that to her face? If she went to a department store and had the same issue, they would certainly call to be sure they had what she needed, and hold it for her!


anonymous, best of luck when you finally get caught for not following the rules of restraining orders.


That is right her blow up doll which she calls a husband.


That is right her blow up doll which she calls a husband.

Best of luck with that endeavour, Al!! :zzz

We don't have a Target on Maui, but there is one on Oahu and I might just fly over to shop there. Since all the whiners and entitled folk are swearing off ever shopping there it should be a rather pleasant experience.


Ethan, you mean her imaginary janitor husband.


Oh and 99 percent of the complaints are childish and asinine. Most of them are from MrsLea and her Janitor husband MrLea.


Hey Kyle Riley do they have Target's in Nova Scotia yet. We are going to get Target stores in Ontario in 2012.


wow. the comment by anonymous just shows us more that he really does need help. he really hates Target after they caught him stealing.

Oh Anonymous -
They are surely going to miss you because the numbers of us refusing to shop there are growing faster and faster every day. The list of people dissatisfied with Target is growing more rapidly than the national debt.
Soon, they will miss ALL of us and will do their best to try and recapture their "guests".
Probably they will have billboards out like the Catholics do, "Come back...", and we will answer in droves, "Not a chance in he!l". Like them, Target will be begging for us. That will be good riddance to bad trash!!! :( :( :( :(

What are you, 10? This a rather asinine and childish complaint.


Well you should have checked for holes before purchasing the swim suit. Most likely the hole came after you tried it on because you were too fat to fit in it.

Not their fault you they don't carry your size.(Or the size you think you wear.

They did try their best to help you. GROW UP.


yeah, get over yourself. they tried their best to help you


You will not be missed. They don't owe you a guarantee to always have your size in stock. Get over yourself.

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