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On 4/19/2013 I placed an order for a Champion box kennel with Target.com. The estimated arrival late provided to me at the time of my order was 4/26-4/31. April 31st came and the item had not arrived. However, I had received an email from a freight company with a waybill number for this item. I called Target to see if I could get an update on the status of my shipment and was told they had no information whatsoever about the order, except that the delivery estimate had been changed. They stated that I would receive the order by 5/4 at the latest and instructed me to call the freight company if I wanted more detailed information. I did so and after an hour on the phone with the freight company, I was told that the shipment had been delayed, but would arrive by 5/7/2013.

May 7th came and the item was not delivered. I called the freight company once again and was told that there was another delay. They stated that the item would arrive at my local delivery agent by 5/3 and I should have the item by 5/5. I called Target because the rescheduled deliveries were getting ridiculous at this point and I had hoped they could light a fire under the freight company's proverbial a**. Instead, customer service informed me that there was "nothing [they] could do." They offered no apologies for the late shipment either. May 5th came and once again, there was no delivery. I called both the freight company and Target to express my dissatisfaction. The freight company apologized and assured me that they would expedite the shipment. Target once again told that there was "nothing [they] could do" and yet again, offered no apologies.

On 5/7, the item finally arrived in a badly damaged box with missing parts. I loaded the 150+ pound item into the back of my truck and returned it to my local Target store. They do not carry the item so I was unable to exchange it. I went home to re-order the item, but quickly discovered that Target no longer carries the item. I decided to do a little research and find a comparable item.

On 5/20, I placed an order for another kennel with Target.com. My delivery estimate was listed as 5/21-5/28. Today is 5/29 and the item has been re-scheduled for delivery at a later date just as with the previous order. I called Target to complain and once again was unapologetically told that there was "nothing [they] could do." When I asked for a supervisor, the agent's response was: "Why?" She then spent the next 5 minutes arguing with me about why a supervisor would solve nothing before finally patching me through to one. After a 10-15 minute hold, the supervisor came on the line. Although she finally offered me the simple apology that I had hoped for and not received during each previous call, it's efficacy was diminished by the fact that it was followed by excuses regarding the late deliveries and an assurance that it likely WOULD happen again. At this point, I expressed by dissatisfaction one last time, encouraged her to have someone review the plethora of negative feedback about Target.com available online, and informed her that I would not be shopping at Target.com again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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