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I moved a year ago and thought I had changed my Target shipping address. I thought I had changed my address because in the last year I have ordered five items from Target and every one of them came to my house.

A week ago, I entered a new Target debit card into their on-line system. They asked me for my shipping and billing info for the card. My shipping and billing info are the same. I made an order and received the items.

Two days later, I bought 400 dollars worth of merchandise. I used the same Target debit card I had entered in two days before, but somehow my shipping information changed to my address of over a year ago. Because I was in a hurry I did not notice the items were being shipped to the wrong address. Target will do nothing to change the situation.

They will not even call UPS to tell them of the mistake. They blame me. What makes me mad is that somehow they had kept my billing address I entered for the card, but changed the shipping address. They never ask you to confirm the shipping address when you make an order.

I did remember looking at the address on the order, but I mistook the billing address for the shipping address. I do not know why they could not call UPS to rectify the situation.

Now, I am out 400 dollars. I also feel if you have entered new shipping and billing information, Target should keep those addresses and switch to an old address.

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target for data mines and this is what happens when the computer thinks it has the correct data. if they would stop with all this data mining this kind of error would not exist. wait until they send the bills to the incorrect address then charge you for late fees because you haven't been getting the bill

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