My wife ordered me a Nespresso Citiz & Milk Espresso Machine for $299 and we were delivered a Nespresso U Espresso Machine Bundle for $229, however, all of the billing remained at $299. I called and explained the situation and was hung up on by the most pleasant person (sarcasm).

I called back and experienced yet some more attitude, however, they did refund the difference. Nespresso is carrying the same product for $100. Guess what's getting returned and guess where we will no longer be shopping? I should also mention that we were part of target's security breach and need to replace 3 bank cards.


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file with your credit card you have a better chance of a successful outcome. LOSS PREVENTION could see just what happened (IF IT WASN'T ONE OF THEM)


Expect rudeness from all those involve with target, whether online, store, or their paid responders. Thanks for posting.


The tone of your review was rude. Perhaps you were just as rude on the phone which is why you were hung up on?

to Anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #765354

You seem to forget who is paying who. Rude is exactly what they are and always will be.

I hope to see them go out of business after the way I was treated by them.

My accusation is bait and switch which is illegal. My complaint will be going to the Better Business Bureau after I'm done slamming them on every site I can find online.

to Anonymous #767209

Anonymouse in Ashburn, Virginia - Again, what you experienced with your sale item was not bait and switch, and this person didn't experience that either. By offering you a rain check, they entirely avoided that distinction.

Stop spamming other, legitimate complaints with your misunderstanding.

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