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I purchased an iPad Air through Was sent two separate confirmation emails about the order being successfully processed. Was told the shipment would arrive no later than 12/5/2013. By 12/11/2013, still hadn't received it. Called them, and was told by a supervisor the order had been lost, could not be fulfilled and my only option was to be refunded. In 7-10 business days. Nice. So, I spent over $500 for an item intended as a Christmas gift, waited longer than advised to get it, was only told it wouldn't be happening after _I_ called _them_, and the supervisor didn't even offer to look further into the matter.

Also, I called UPS and they said had only sent them my billing information - not the actual order. So, I was lied to as well.

Really fantastic experience. Never again.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #757366

Almost to a tee, the same thing just happened to me. Supervisor said the same thing, apologized, but would do nothing for me except to call a store that said it was in stock, but ended up not in stock.

The supervisor was nice enough, but just absolutely refused to do anything for me other than refund my money.

I will go WAY out of my way to never shop there again.


they never had the ipad to send it out to you. Target employee suspected of stealing iPad, and other N.O.-area police news

December 11, 2013


Sheriff: Man stole iPad by stuffing it in pants

An employee of a Metairie department store was arrested Monday after he allegedly stole an iPad by putting it in his pants.

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