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I purchased a 46 inch Samsung LCD tv from Target in March of 2010. I purchased the 3 year extended warranty, hoping that I would be covered if anything happened to it.

I filed a claim with target because my tv started having a strange pink haze that made it unwatchable. I have been waiting for over a month, with no tv. I am still being given the run-around. The local tv repair shop, where I was told to take the tv to, told Target 2 weeks ago that the television needed to be replaced.

I am still waiting on a response from Target. Every time I call, I am told that the dept. that makes those decisions has not yet rendered a decision. They keep telling me that it is going to be at least 7 business days.

Also, apparently no one is allowed to speak to anyone in that department. They have lost my business for good.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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It's not Target you're speaking to. It's NEW Customer Service, the vendor.

As long as you don't pay, you got a good deal.

No service contract guarantees a turnaround time. You might get a full gift card out of this if it is unrepairable.


Previously NARC YOU OUT - I find that my former screen name has been stolen and misused by some nameless, and courageless thief. Therefore, I shall not post my comments about Target under that name any longer. From here on out, I shall only post as Anonymous and the thief(s) will have to decide who they are arguing with separate from the original poster.


The August 21, 2011 apology was for multiple listings of my response, which I do not see herein.

My state to you was that I understand your position with Targeet and agree that they will never have my business to take advantage of again, along with many, many of my friends, family and business acquaintances.

They engage in criminal activity which I would have prosecuted were it not for the fact that our courts were all destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Bait and switch is a serious crime against a retailer, but unfortunately, I had no recourse at the time of the offense but to accept their refusal to stand behind their sales. I appreciate your listing and ask you to warn everyone you can that these incidenses are routine at Target. They need to change their customer service policies and learn how to make their customers happy.

There are too many other retailers who we are happy to deal with because we know that service and customer satisfaction is their main goal. Let's keep our hard earned dollars out of their stores and watch them revamp their entire practices.

Thank you for your listing. It will do good for many shoppers.


Apologies for the multiple postings - computer froze and then hiccuped.

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