I went to target in Akron Ohio and tried on a few shirts and didn't like a couple of them. So I walked out of the fitting room and hung what I didn't want on the rack with a ton of other clothes on it.

I walked away with the jacket I wanted when the guy sitting behind the fitting room desk cleared his throat and said "excuse me but I just organized all of those please go bring me what you didn't want." I walked back and hung the $50 jacket up next to the rest of the clothes I didn't want and walked away. Sorry but that is not my job. I've worked in customer service all my life and know that you are always supposed to please the customer. It's not like I was being a pain or making a scene!

Walk your lazy butt over and do it yourself. I will never go back.

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Ellicott City, Maryland, United States #802988

Where are people seeing that the comment was posted by a nine year old?

to Anonymous #803051

Most likely from the behavior and his comments to other people. The employee nicely told him to bring him what he did not want and he took that as rude and did not buy the jacket that he wanted.

Most adults would not find that rude, most adults would not act this way.

So in conclusion because he behaved like a nine year old they assume he is nine. He is not nine, just an ignorant adult who thinks the world revolves around him.

Dover, New Jersey, United States #802438

Why is it when a person becomes a customer they forget that employees are people too? They think they can trash the store and the employees can clean it up because,"It is their job"...WRONG, it is not their job to pick after adults who are lazy and arrogant fools, who think the world revolves around them

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #802461

They claim the employee is paid to do the job. Not much different than those who leave their garbage on the table at Burger King or whatever restaurant.

We had one review where this lady's nine year old daughter was throwing her garbage out and the mother scolded her and made her bring it back to the table saying the employees are paid to clean up after customers. That lady also claims to be a registered nurse and thinks she is better than everyone else.


dont worry the CEO can afford to pay another minimum wage person to put your cloths away. EEED THE HUNGRY ceo makes 14,000.00 dollars an hour and that minimum wage worker about 7.35 an hour HE CAN AFFORD TO PUT MY CLOTHS AWAY!!


You shouldn't have to return your clothes to the department you found them in. However, it is respectful if you would return the clothes you didn't want to a rack in the fitting room instead of leaving them inside the fitting room you were in. It kind of goes without say, unless you're trashy and/or lazy.

to Tasha #797730

@tasha you can put your #### cloths away I will leave them were I want to. he can afford to pay more workers with his 28 MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR pay!! maybe you can ask for the minimum wage job to buy your new boat!


Targets fitting room area at my TARGET has about 15 carts full (of who know what) It is like getting through a war zone just making it into the fitting room. the phone is also answered at the fitting room ad the poor employee that has this job (SHOULD BE AWARDED A MEDAL) she pages and pages the same names over and over again to no avail!!

Must be the absolute worst job at TARGET.


Why the heck couldn't you put them back where you found them. You are the lazy one.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #791840

Because his mommy was not there to tell him this, this is what happens when nine year olds such as himself are left unsupervised in stores like this, someone could have easily kidnapped this little wondering boy who was left unsupervised, then again with his attitude who would want, even his mommy was fed up with him and did not want to deal with him so she let him wonder throughout the store unsupervised. Probably wished someone would kidnap him and get him off her chest, no such luck because no one wanted to deal with him.

Orange, California, United States #791583

So it is okay for you to just put the clothes anywhere after he just organized. Why did your parents not teach you any manners or to respect other people?

He is not lazy he is just tired of unsupervised children like you messing up when he already sorted the clothing. Where were your parents anyway? Surely with your attitude and behavior you are nine years old? I am sure you not buying a jacket will make them broke.

You really think that putting a $50 jacket is going to hurt them. In that second that you put that jacket back they probably made a transaction of twice, or three times that much. They would not think twice about losing a customer that throws a temper tantrum.

Where were your parent, probably letting you wonder the store alone because they are tired of your attitude.

It is not about the employee being a mind reader, the child was asked politely to give the clothing he did not want to the employee, now if the employee was rude I can understand. The child that posted this complaint obviously never worked in his life.


Had you read the complaint, you would realize the customer states they did leave the clothes on the fitting room rack.(Target has a rack right outside the fitting room for rejected clothes to be hung). It sounds like the employee was requesting the clothes be handed to them personally, because of course, the customer was suppose to be a mind-reader.


If you have worked in customer service all your life, you must be aware that most stores now, want the customer to leave the clothes in the fitting room or with them. Another thing, at Target, the fitting room attendant also is the store operator(answers the phone.) The same applies to WalMart.

It is quicker for them to take the clothes from the area they are in and hang them back where they belong, than to go and re-arrange clothes that a customer has misplaced.

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