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on 12/9/2014, i order 3 gopro white edition camera from order # 102079948536 total $589, but 3 days later, i received a frozen doll with order # 102075798082. talked to target. they take for ever to investigate. it is 2 weeks already ! please check your target order at with delivery guy, they will sent you wrong item and still charge you for the order you placed!! been 2 weeks already official response from target. only "I just received the results from our Order Research Team. Unfortunately, since both USPS and UPS have scans showing the package as delivered, we are unable to provide a refund or send an additional shipment and Target considers the package delivered.

I know this has been a frustrating experience for you. While I’m not able to offer you the resolution you’re looking for, I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your feedback and concerns.

I’m sorry but there are no other options for this situation."

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $589.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Customer service, Management, Sales staff are idiots, Rude employees, Rude manager.

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I suspect someone in Target trying to mess up with the company(they have serious management issue). I also received completely different items in my order from Thanksgiving sale.

I received 3 toddler boys clothes instead of 3 big girls clothes of my choice. When I contacted Target customer service, I found out that they have very limited authorization to offer customers. Even though I could easily take my loss of less than 20 dollars. I just don't understand why I should take the loss since this was not my mistake.

Plus my daughter wants the pants I order for her. So I contact them about 10 times(got hung up 5 times) and even went to store looking for help in vain.

I gave up and will stop shopping in Target for the future.

You could try to write in BBB complaint website first. If Target doesn't care, then maybe small court.

to DoneWithTarget #925757

PS the worst thing about this is it made me angry that when my daughter asked when she would get her pants(it is a popular style and everyone in her seventh grade class is wearing those kinds of pants. Anyways I was so frustrated that I called her an ungrateful brat and told her that when the pants finally arrived that I would take a pair of scissors and cut them up.She had paid for them herself through babysitting. I told her she was *** if she did not realize that I was hung up on five times and did not get an answer, she wane to her room crying, I apologized later and told her I only called he those names because I was frustrated with Target but she still feels bad.

to DoneWithTarget #925758

In your case the mistake was Target's but after seeing this person write like she is in the first grade I believe the mistake is hers because she is illiterate.

Los Angeles, California, United States #921744

Do a chargeback with your credit card company if you used a credit card!!! Take them to small claims court if you have to (they will likely not show up, and you'll win by default).

to Veronica #921773

I don't think Target messed up on this. Like I said judging by this person's terrible spelling and grammar the mistake is probably the customer's.


Judging from your horrible spelling and grammar perhaps you ordered the wrong product?

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