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I recently ordered a furniture item from Target. Instead they sent me a large baby item.

I called Target customer support and they said I would need to take this large item to the store and return it in order to receive my item or get a refund for my item. I can't believe the audacity of this policy. Target send me the wrong item (and a HUGE one), then expects me to attempt to lift this massive item, find a massive car to put it in and drive it to the store on account of THEIR mistake? This policy is not a one-size-fits-all policy and it's insane that they do not make exceptions.

Us urban dwellers do not drive. We do not have large homes to store these items in while Target arranges for a pick-up. And we certainly don't have stoops to leave items on for mail service companies if Target was willing to arrange a pick-up (which they were after MUCH MUCH MUCH consternation). The alternatives if you live in a City and don't have a car or a stoop for mail are essentially, figure out a way to take this item to the store (wait in the return line, etc.) or leave work and find a time to be home for a pick-up.

Neither of these options are acceptable when the customer did not have anything to do with Target's mistake. Target should have said, keep the item, give it to charity, throw it out- whatever. You as the customer just should not have to deal with this any further. We will send you your correct item right away or refund you if you no longer want it.

AKA Amazon's policy.

The fact that Target wants customers to take time out of their days to correct their mistakes is absurd. You sent the wrong item- it's a debit for you because you should pay for your own mistakes, don't take it out on the customer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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hahahahahahaha love how people like to complain about everything!!!!! i bought the exact same baby item for my son a year ago...

and first of all its not massive and second of all its not heavy... i was able to stick it in the back seat of my focus...

stop complaining and take the dam item to target... you spend more time complaining than what it would take for you to drive to target.

Orlando, Florida, United States #899455

Wow, I'd hate to be any company you order from. Your demands are completely unreasonable.

Yes, Target messed up. But to expect them to just say "Hey keep or throw out that incorrect item" and then send you the correct item is absolutely ridiculous and asinine.

to MattD78 #951799

Then what is the solution? For her to rent a truck to drive the baby item to the Target store?

I'd hate to be your customer. I hope OP paid with a credit card and did a chargeback, since she was never sent the merchandise that she ordered and paid for.

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