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I am a senior citizen that certainly needs to save money where I can. I enjoy shopping in Target & would certainly do more of my grocery shopping in your beautiful stores now that Target is offering a wide range of food.

My husband & myself visit one of your Target stores on a regular basis to purchase items for our home as well as for our children & their children. We often let our children and friends know when there an item that needs to be looked at for purchase.

My question is when will you start to offer Senior Citizen Savings.

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You may have to wait a long while for Target to lower costs for Seniors. They tend to side with the majority, not the senior majority!

I am a disabled senior who was released from employment with Target 12 months before I was due to retire with age & tenure requirements completed. Target flunkie said "I don't have a reason, you just can't work here anymore!

They make themselves appear to be what they are not! Shop where items are manufactured in the USA.

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