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Target is an insensitive, apathetic company, completely devoid of moral standards and customer appreciation at every management level. I've gone to great lengths to find out why management at Target #0850 in Las Vegas has falsely profiled me as a shoplifter, to no avail.

I've written to the local store manager, every member of Target's corporate Board of Directors, all nine Executive Vice Presidents, their CEO, their Community Relations Officer, and their legal department - over 30 mailings in all - with NO response whatsoever!

Target management has falsely "speculated" that I am, or might be, a shoplifter from "looks" alone, and that means anybody can be a target for their hate campaign: old people, slow people, women with purses, anyone with pockets, fat people, skinny people, ugly people, nervous people ...

can all be profiled as shoplifters - just because it's a convenient rationale for bullying and hate mongering. Target's Corporate structure sanctions this behavior by failing to address or even acknowledge it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If they don't like the looks of you, if you are acting real nervous and looking over your shoulder, they can ask you to leave the store and never to return. It is what it is.


I'm not a fan of Target at all, but this complaint doesn't warrant a lot of merit without more explaining. Do they simply watch you to make sure you aren't shoplifting, or are they tackling you in the aisle?

Because profiling for shoplifters isn't new.

It's common place and the only way stores can prevent shoplifting in many cases. If you aren't trying to steal then there is no issue.


I'm sure there's another side to your story


Not sure why anyone would shop at a Target store anymore---unless you enjoy using the facilities with those of another gender and/or being stared at by some grizzled guy using the rest room. Just shop elsewhere.

That being said, common sense tells us that you can tell alot about a person just by their appearance. It is what it is.

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