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Today, I went to my local Target store, which surprisingly now sells some food stuffs. I decided to buy a six pack of beer, as it was a really hot day, and it tends to stay hot all night during this time of the year.

When I rolled my cart up to a cashier station to pay for my beer (and a few other items), the cashier asked if he could swipe my ID; I asked, "Why"? He said, "For the beer." I'm standing there with a completely white mustache and salt and pepper gray hair. What a waste of time to have to swipe my ID when it was obvious to any reasonable person that I was over 18 or 21, or whatever the legal drinking age is in my state. The people in line behind me said something like," You should thank him," implying that I look young…?

Well, I suppose that's one way of looking at it. But was it yet another attempt to track people's purchases electronically? I could see showing him my ID, but swiping it into some data base seemed a bit much. But that's the way it is nowadays.

I'm not likely to buy beer at Target ever again because of that experience.

Yesterday, I bought a can of paint at a local vender, and they wanted me to signup for some kind of 10% discount card -- and of course they wanted my name, phone number, email address, and so on. I declined the offer, paid and left the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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You have every right to purchase any product you wish is it is a legal purchase. You have NO obligation to submit your identification to have it "swiped" into Target's system.

Don't agree to those terms under ANY circumstances.
Let Target change their system! :(

If you have a problem showing I.D. don't buy age restrictive items. Simple.


Bought a Call of Duty game and becauyse it is "M" for Mature, they scanned the barcode (not the magnetic strip) on my DL or they would not give me the *** game and it was the last one in stock for the CP edition.

F-ing police state. Has anyone else notice that every since Barry took over and rammed through the "Wall Street reform" law (which allows the Feds to now monitor every single purchase and transaction nationwide, no restrictions), this kind of s#!t is happening everywhere now???


Thanks, WIemployee, for your input into this discussion.

I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear this kind of logic, but if everyone quit shopping at Target for items requiring scanning, perhaps then Target will change their system.

Truthfully, it isn't a hassel for most of us posting. We simply quit shopping at Target. ;)


The Target employee had no choice. The computer, no matter how old you are, still prompts for an ID.

It is very annoying.

It prompts even for a *** package of pop it fireworks (the ones you know on the ground and they make a popping noise) even though they are completely harmless. Believe me, it's as big as a hassle for the Target employee as it is for you.


KMAN: I read and thank you for your comment regarding Target's practice of scanning driver's licenses for validation of a customer's age.

I wonder, though, since you say it is for Target's protection against liable, why that is not the accepted industry wide standard in checking for one's age in making a purchase? Are other retail facilities not just as liable as Target? Why don't other retailers scan driver's licenses to protect themselves from liable if Target's practice is the only method of protecting against liable?

The legal age of majority in the United States as defined by the State Department is 18 years of age. There are indeed instances where a person must reach the age of 21 years before they are eligible to contract (although very few), and any clerk can check an identification and verify the purchaser's age.

Again, I must ask, "Why does TARGET have to SCAN a driver's license to prove a customer's age"?


It's done that way more or less to protect Target from being liable for selling to minors. Let's say 18 year old Jake is on register 5 and his 19 year old buddy comes through his line with a 6 pack...

he doesn't see his manager around.... think he's going to card him? Well, with Target's system, as soon as he scans the barcode on the alcohol it prompts for a license. It doesn't just prompt for a birthdate, because yes, Target cashiers CAN add and subtract and could put in a fake date.

For the cashier to do it on their own they need to scan the barcode on your license. It doesn't pop up any information on their screen, but it tells the computer what it needs to know-- that you're actually old enough!

If you're uncomfortable with handing over your license or don't have it but feel you look old enough, a manager CAN be brought over to make a judgement call and over-ride it to go through without a license.

anon, Fall River:
WHY doesn't Target change their intrusive software??????????? It's just a software program, for goodness sakes. :(
EVERY business in America has to card someone's ID.
WHY can't Target check without scanning it???? :( :(
WHY do they have to scan your I.D.? :x

there are not government spooks tracking you, he was just doing his job. It's illegal to sell without carding no matter how old you look, at least it is in my state

WHY did Target set up such a system when every other store in America can just look at a driver's license and see if a person is over the age of majority??
WHY can't they review their inventory and see if products sell at too fast a rate instead of accusing every shopper of having senister motives?? :x
WHY does Target treat their "guests" like they are criminals instead of treating them with the benefit of doubt until proven wrong?? :upset
WHY would anyone agree to shopping under these conditions?? :(

It is target corporation/computer software policy. The register comes up with a "please scan/swipe ID".

they do it to avoid people using fake ID's and cashiers giving their friends things that you need to be 18/21+ to buy.

Also, there are some products, like cough syrup and Endust, that you need to be 18+ to buy (because teens have been using both those things to get high) and they use your ID because you can only buy so many of these items. You CAN tell them that you don't have your ID with you and they can manually put in your birthday and get a supervisor to put in their numbers to override the needing to scan/swipe an ID, but they'll only do that if you are CLEARLY over the age you need to be to buy that item (which, obviously, it sounds like you are).


what's that anonymous? your partner divorced you 10 years ago, you now live alone in a trailer in some small hick town in Mississippi and get off to people complaining about Target?

you're a psycho that isn't capable of replying normally to people and answering questions that an 8 year old could answer? yeah, I already know.

And who made you the spokesman for Targets' policies?
There is no reason for scanning an ID to prove that a customer is old enough to purchase any item in a retail store!!!
Every other clerk in every other retail facility can look at an ID and determine the age of the person attempting to make a purchase.
Are Target clerks so deft that they cannot add and subtract on their own? They need a MANAGER to verify the information that every other store clerks check hundreds of times a day???
S U R E :p :p

The computer does not know how old you are! It will not process any further untill the ID is processeed. Grow up and stop being so delicate!


because you're a member of their card? how do you expect them to look up your account if you have no information?


OF COURSE that other store needed your information if it was some kind of discount card

Why did they need it?


lol some people just never understand. and OF COURSE that other store needed your information if it was some kind of discount card.

but ignore anonymous. that *** is just pissed because Target wouldn't let them return used toilet paper.


The liquor stores here do the same thing. By scanning your ID the computer verifies you are old enough to make the purchase.

It makes it more difficult for cashiers to sell to under age drinkers. The policy is there to help avoid the fines involved with selling to underage drinkers.


"But was it yet another attempt to track people’s purchases electronically? I could see showing him my ID, but swiping it into some data base seemed a bit much"

Yes, your name, address, DOB, and all personal information goes into a database and sold to terrorists. You ignorant, paranoid, delusional, ***.

For Christ's sake. It just puts in your DOB. It requires a scan so everyone it treated the same. Not the end of the world.

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