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I have been a customer at Hackensack Target Pharmacy for several years having my pscriptios filled on a monthly basis due to my chronic illness. It is mandatory that I take my medication on a daily basis without missing any days. In the event that I miss taking my medication can result in my blood levels to decline thus causing sever illness. On several occasions, your Pharmacists by the name of Sophia has harrssed me time and time again about my insurance. Let me assure you that I have excellent insurance with my employment and the State of New Jersey will pick up the difference if any. When ever there is a change in your system I have alway provided Sophia with the necessary information yet she continues to humulate me in front of customers while invadeing my confidentiality and privacy by revealing my medical status out loud. When I ask her on several occasions not to speak to me in front of customers she calls your security department and tells them that I'm causing a problem, when in fact it is Sophia each and every time. On Saturaday, November 2, 2013 I came into Target Pharmacy to pick up my monthly prescription and the same situation occurred. In fact she even went as far as allowing your security guard (black girl not sure of her name) to disrespect me in front of customers as well. I was so humileated I walk out of the store and told them to cancel my prescription. I will not longer be using Target Pharmacy and I have recently made contact with my physician and my lawyer to file a complaint against your Pharmacy and Security Department for harassment and emotional distress. Please have someone from your office contact my at as soon as possible at(201) 898-3632, or email me at to further discuss this situation.

Thank you.

Margaret E. Oden uch information as possible (at least 100 words).

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Not sure if its the meds.....but do you think you are on the Target site? Threatening companies on this website is like pizzing in the wind.....all your gonna get is wet. Your biggest mistake was taking any gruff at the should have went to the store are kind of over exaggerating....and are a pain in the arz customer like i think you might be.....but who knows right


Personal info not good TROLLS GALORE ON THIS SITE!!!! report all pharmacy realted issues to Go ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP)


Go U.S. Food and Drug Administration's MedWatch Reporting Program


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