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For longer than 3 years I have been a very, very regular customer at the Target store here at 939 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR. Actually, I shop at this place literally every day of the year.

Many times I am with my wife, and others, on my own. But I always come to the store to purchase items or groceries we need at home and I am also a Red discount card that I always carry with me and whatever I take from the shelves, I pay with that card, all the time and head out on my way home, and that's it. But most of the time, I have a very difficult time while shopping there because I keep getting your security guards always tail gating me in a very suspicious way, like if I am there to do any shoplifting even though most of the cashiers know me very well because they see me everyday, paying with my red card. Still, the security guards won't stop chasing me around.

Even the cops stationed there from the PPD chase me around without any reason other than my looks. I caught one of them the other day, following me all over the store and when I took the stairs to go to the 3rd. floor to get what I needed to buy that evening, I realized what he was doing, so I immediately got back on the stairs back to the second floor just to make sure I was not being followed and sure enough, he too came back down the stairs after me. I stopped myself right in front of him and very concerned asked him why he was chasing me and he said that he was not doing so, but he was, indeed in a very suspicious way.

So I requested to speak with the store manager and made a serious verbal complain against that security guard action and the manager apologized and said he would speak with him about but I don't know if that really happened because I keep being harassed and scrutinize around every time I step inside those doors.

This has to stop somehow because I know that there other people who are victimized by this unfair behavior on the part of your security guards. Well, I guess that being a hard working Hispanic family man who earns his money the right way by working at a real job all the time is not good enough for Target store's security guards then.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Security Guard.

Reason of review: Harrasment by security guards.

Preferred solution: Someone needs to speak and educate those security guards about race profiling and discrimination based on the looks of visitors.

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I've heard of people simply walking out of the stores with completely filled shopping carts loaded with groceries. Just in plain sight.

I guess that the security personnel was too busy following around a poor person who was as poor that they were wearing a backpack to put their stuff in on their walk home. Meanwhile, the shoplifter with the grocery cat loaded with groceries is cool, calm and collected, loading up all of the food that they made off into their nice car.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1346376

I'm old and white, I get followed around also. How do you explain that?

So sick of the race card being used constantly. Get over yourself. If you are not doing anything wrong, then it should not bother you.

I just go about my business and shop. Lesson learned.


As for race, it's annoying to me that it's still a thing for some people. The web makes it worse too, as entitled trolls make the world seem an uglier place than it actually is.

But my point is that Target security guards do in fact follow everybody around, because it's their job.

I'm a white haired white guy, almost retired, and I'm always followed around. I've never stolen anything, and I don't appear suspicious, at least from my point of view.

The plains clothes guys appear and disappear around me, and I can see they're not shopping, so it's no secret that they're security.

I think their problem is that they aren't being tactical, by pushing a cart around like everyone else. When you know you are being shadowed, I guess it is a slight bother, but there are so many thieves, the guards have to do their job.


Have they stopped YOU at any time and questioned you? If not then GO AWAY!!!!

Its NOT harrasment, its them doing their job!!! IF YOU feel THAT strongly about it then one can safely assume that YOU actually want to steal!! And are just mad at them for taking the chance to steal away from YOU. If YOU dont actually want to steal then just look at it as if they are your private security and THEY are keeping YOU safe.

You ONLY have your own people to blame for the treatment!! Ask yourself a VERY important question. How much theft from latins do they have to put up with? How many minorities go into Target JUST to steal??

Just because YOU personally arent there to steal doesnt mean that THEY dont have a problem with Latins stealing!! So YOU can STOP trying to play the victim as YOU have NOT been the victim of anything more sinister then someone following you around. Get over it and move on because YOU are just looking for something to whine about at that point. No crime has been commited and THEY have EVERY RIGHT to follow YOU on THEIR PROPERTY!!!!!

How dare you dismiss THEIR rights in favor of YOU being a pretty precious snowflake. If YOU dont want to be observed then DONT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!!!!


...and they watch you on camera even before you enter the store...and the entire time you're in there...and after you exit

to Smitty Portland, Oregon, United States #1309677

Thank you, I knew I was not the only one suffering from that harassment. Now that you mention cameras, which they have plenty all over the store, why do they have to chase people around?

Those cameras are able to spot every one going in and out of the store, besides they have sensors at all of the entrances and exits assisting them with their surveillance. I don't understand it.

Target needs to be able to tell between the good and the bad guys by just having those devices following everyone, so there is no need for those security guards tailgating people around the way they do.

Maybe a class action suit would make them reconsider how their security forces monitor their valued customers.

Thanks again and good luck with your shopping odyssey at Target.

to Jose_medina10 #1311088

Maybe leaving our country and going home if you are going to make everything a race issue will solve your problem.

to Jose_medina10 #1569473

i really wouldnt try a law suit .. lets be real ..

you wont win ever and ull waste money .. just ignore it and move on

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