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I'm so mad at Target! after we had disasters down in the South from things such as hurricanes, Target refused to return anything that was damaged in the storm. I had some bed sheets that were already ruined from my lonely nights of doing you know what by myself.. but the storm ruined them further! they were only bought 2 years ago. I should be reimbursed for my major purchase of $20!

I'm also mad because my next door neighbor that doesn't talk to me.. :[ he tried to return something damaged as well! it was a toaster that got blown away and even though he didn't have it anymore, he still tried to return it without a receipt. Target should have been understanding! I would have given him double the money just because of how cute he is! plus he loves to eat *** and that's something that I like ;] I know all of this information because I have a pair of binoculars in every room, I planted microphones in his house and I *** into his computer as well as his phone line. I also follow him everywhere he goes. maybe one of these days, I'll work up the courage to make a move on him, even if he isn't willing.

but enough about that amazing, cute, gorgeous, beautiful.. okay never mind. I'm just so mad at Target. I still remember when I decided to give them another chance after they wouldn't honor my coupon that expired 6 months ago. AND they wouldn't give me a discount just because I know all of the managers personal information. but oh well! if anyone else here is a Target hater, PLEASE help me with my mission. if I stalk you, I'm sorry. it's a bad habit and Target haters really get me going. BUT if you don't hate Target, I'll make sure to get back at you with whatever creepy and demented thoughts that pops in my head. that goes double for you Jedi Knight Ethan, IHateStupidCustomers and BigBruce.

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It is difficult to take this page seriously. It is always easy to find faults in everyone else while ignoring your own.

It's a shame that this person has let others actions occupy so much space in their mind & heart.

Not to mention their time. Life is too short to allow others actions disrupt their lives so much as this page indicates.


lol me the bored one? I haven't had a chance to reply in a few days but you reply shortly after every comment.

yeahhhh I'm the bored one that spends every moment on here. again, I have agreed with some people that have hated Target and were treated unfairly. will I agree with people like you that thinks Target should have a 365 day return policy, honor every expired coupon and treat idioticcustomers like they're royalty?


as for your last comment.. I'm not sure what to say other than laugh at yet another one of your odd comments combined with your odd fantasies.


Down boy!! Nice boy!! Shhhhhh!!! Calm down, boy! It'll be alright. Sit, stay. Down there, boy.

No need go off on everyone that posts a complaint about your beloved Target store.

Good job, boy! Here's a treat for being such a good boy and protecting Target!!! Good boy!!! Calm down.

Target is pleased with you and the bad people will go away eentually. Easy, boy!! You're a good boy!! :zzz :zzz


Dude - is your sole purpose in life to stalk me and make up lies about me?

You are a very bored lying douche!!! :grin


everyone, anonymous loser sent me that story to post because he's too afraid to tell the truth! and keep talking mr.

stalker. you wouldn't have even noticed this post if you didn't spend half of every day bashing a retail store because you couldn't return something. I will admit that you do occasionally have some good points when it comes to the bad parts of Target.

but any other time, you just speak whatever random odd thoughts pop into your bipolar head. oh and of course, you add a few pointless smiley faces to every sentence for dramatic effect which makes me realize that you probably are a woman.


IHateStupidCustomers -

Now I see what you're up to. :eek

You accuse me of stalking you, when in reality it is you who is stalking my every post. You judge every word I print, but yet you print ridiculous statements as if I authored them. You are the very perpetrator of every vile idea and name calling to most of the original posters on this site, from Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Taco Bell, and on and on.

If that wasn't bad enough, you post a complaint impersonating me with a demented story and hold it out as though it was mine.

You are a vile, possessed person who has nothing to contribute to mankind except discord. :p :p :p :p

May you rot in your own slimy schemes ! :( :( :( I hope soon what you put out turns and bites you on your but t and you find your life in ruins!! You know, it's called karma! :( :( :(

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