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I was buying some video games as presents and the clerk asked to see my id since I was buying mature rated games even though I'm obviously well over 18 (Full beard and all). So I pulled out my id and set it face up for him to see and without even looking at it he takes it and flips it over and scans it.

He never asked to scan it and I never consented to it being scanned.

If I had known he was going to scan it, and wouldn't have been able to purchase without him scanning it, I would have just left. Taking my personal information for tracking purposes is wrong to me and by scanning my license without consent feel wronged.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Another paranoid Pete who thinks the government is using Target for "tracking purposes." Please, go get fitted for a tinfoil hat and save the world your ranting.


The cashier scans the I'd to verify the date of birth only. Target does not want to be fined for selling to underage shoppers.

While scanning may be a little extreme they would rather have the machine do the math than the cashier. I have also known many 16 yr olds with full beards, so Target allows for no assumptions when it comes to age restricted products.


You're going to be checked just about everywhere. Companies are the ones liable if they don't check everyone, and it's the employees that will be held accountable and fired.

If you're going to get upset that someone isn't willing to risk their job to save you a few seconds, you should probably stick to online shopping, and possibly avoid most forms of human interaction.

As Lexie mentioned, your ID has a barcode, it's going to be scanned.

If it's not scanned, the sale cannot be completed and you'll be unable to buy the item that requires ID. Maybe, since you're obviously well over 18 ([f]ull beard and all), the cashier assumed you knew that, had the common sense to figure it out, or were enough of an adult to deal with it.

Westfield, Massachusetts, United States #903350

What do you think the barcodes or strips on the back of the IDs are for? To make your ID look pretty?

No, it's there so it can be scanned to get the information on your driver's license.

Get with the times, buddy. Deal with it.


target is asking for Id's for almost everything. Never have I had my ID scanned at walmart.

target has been know for gathering customers information for marketing purposes. even Medications like allergy meds they want to scan your Id again walmart, cvs, walgreens they do not do any of that.

target is in a class of its own with wanting all your buying information!!

to Anonymous #907921

Assuming you're talking about prescription medication, I'd actually be very concerned if a pharmacy did not scan ID. The idea that someone might just give some random person my father's heart medication is more stressful than a few spam emails.

Orange, California, United States #900245

You will have this issue everywhere. So guess your friends would not get any games then.

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