I went to target last week in response to an advertised toy item my granddaughter wants for Xmas. While walking up and down the aisles several time looking for the advertised item I saw an Easy Bake Oven that my other granddaughter wants for Xmas.

I checked the shelf price since the product was not priced and it said 19.99. Now I know from working in retail that sometimes customers put items back in the wrong place so I checked the label to make sure it said Easy Bake Oven and also there was more than one of the product on the shelf. I decided to purchase this as well. When I got up to the check out my total purchase was more than what I had calculated so I aske why it was so much.

The cashier than told be that the oven alone rang up at 49.99. When I explained that there was another one on the shelf back there and the shelf lable said easy bake I was told that it was for a different one not that one. How am I supposed to know that. I than asked for corporates number and was given a comment card on it with a phone number.

When I arrived home I called and was told that there was nothing they could do for me since the stores are empowered to make their own decisions. When I asked if the store manager could call me I was told that she would make a note of it but that they probably wouldn't call me back and quess what she was right. So much for customer service. This is a horrible company.

Do not shop with them. I have been shopping at Kohls which I know isn't the same as Target but I tell you the difference is between night and day. They bend over backwards for their customer.

With the way the economy is a company cant start taking their customers for granted. Maybe they will be the next to go under wondering what happened.

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The BBB is investigating an "Easy Bake Oven"...



Just to reiterate, I did check the shelf label and the description and there was also another of the same item on the shelf. It shouldn't be the consumers responsibility to check each item they want to purchase at the price checker.

This is why there are shelf labels or why merchandise gets ticketed. The checker should be used for items that have neither. To place an item on the shelf with the incorrect price is false advertising and the BBB feels the same since they are investigating this situation.

Hopefully the holiday season will be a dismal one for them and they will soon find their selves in the same boat as other companies that have gone under. To many companies have lost focus on customer service and are only out for that almighty dollar.


there are two versions of the easy bake oven - the one that is $19.99 is the discontinued model, hence why it's so cheap. the $49.99 model is the brand new version.

you could have easily went to a price checker with both toys to verify their prices.


I am in complete agreement with you about the terrible customer service one receives at Target. I have never encountered such an unyielding, unreasonable pattern in dealing with customers as I did at Target.

When I called Target corporate, I was told it was my responsibility to check each box of the cutlery I bought. I had no idea that Target sold identical looking items under different numbers and that the quality varied from box to box. Corporate told me it was my job as a consumer to check each box of merchandise to be sure it was the same product, the same quality, the same weight, the same pattern, the same number of items in each box, the same packaging, the same logo, the same type of each utensil, the same name, the same sheen, the same sharpness and/or dullness, the same dimensions, the same length, the same width, the same manufacturer, and the same shipping company.

I sorely have sworn off of Target stores in general, but should I ever find myself in their stores again having to make a purchase for ANY reason, I will do exactly what their corporate offices instructed me to do!

I surely have learned my lesson and don't need anyone to check my "milk carton" for me. I know now what Target expects of their customers, and plan to deliver on their directives!


Always confirm the shelf label sku# with the item. You will find that two pieces of luggage exactly the same except for color will have show one on sale and the other not.

There are also several little self scan thingies you can double check your price.

Personally, I wouldn't shop the retail store where you work because you obviously are f'n clueless and think its every one else's responsibility but your own to make sure you are making the correct choices in your purchase.

Do you want me to check the date on your milk for ya? You are aware of the expiration date on a milk jug right?


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