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You advertised in the Sunday Newspaper Ad a new 60" Samsung Smart TV 1080i 120 refresh rate television and your stores do not have it to sell. I went to the store when they opened that Sunday (yesterday) and was told they did not have any of these televisions.

I asked them to check another store. They did and told me the only store that had one in 300 miles was 1 in Watauga TX (where ever that is). Nowhere near me. All the other stores listed it as LIMITED STOCK.

But when told that Limited Stock meant the 1 television they had on display that they could not sell, there was only one 60" TV they could find in this whole area of TEXAS (Watauga - wherever that is). BUT they offered me a Samsung 55" Smart TV for the same price. I didn't want a 55" I wanted the 60" advertised.

This is a typical situation of BAIT & SWITCH by TARGET and I am incredibly unhappy with TARGET over this. I'll never shop at TARGET again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shopping Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bait & Switch Advertising.

Preferred solution: Not shop ever again at TARGET!!!!! You have lost my business..

I didn't like: Not carrying items anywhere near my area that you had advertised.

  • Bait Switch Scam
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My mama told me that she knew some real poor people who had a real big brand new TV for all their kids to watch, but nothing much else in the way of furniture. She said they saw it as a cheap babysitter. They loved watching Television so much that they made it a priority ot have a large screen color Television for their children to watch, even though they were very poor.

Alvarado, Texas, United States #1309317

I just like to "make your day" 2016. I thought you would get bored if you had no one to insult and bash.

Anyway it was your fine comments that pushed me to the BBB and TARGET and got this issue resolved. But it's probably time we went opposite directions.

to Anonymous #1309459

Don't get enough attention from your parents do you. Probably never taught you right from wrong.


Here is another lie you told us. You said you were done with this site and now you post again. This is like the sixth or seventh lie from you.


BBB and Target contacted me. They have removed this ad ( online and papers).

For those who found this TV and got a good price ( good for you), for those who didn't and settled for the 55" for $599.99 you can get a price adjustment. TARGET is now selling the 55" for $459.99. For those who want a 55", it's now at a good price. For the guy who just likes to pick fights with people on this website, I hope your life is full of what you think you dish out.

For most people, if you are truly a pissed off consumer, just go to the BBB and file your complaint. You do get the companies full attention and you don't have to put up with other people's opinions and attitudes.

to Anonymous #1309295

I am not picking fights, you have been lying about me and I was just defending myself. It is you that is picking fights and refusing to admit that you are wrong. It is your attitude that is the issue, and other people pointed this out as well.


I'm pretty sure the Sunday ads are not location specific and print for EVERY Target everywhere and usually/sometimes includes online. If the item going on sale is a hot ticket item, they usually clear out within the first few hours until the next truck.

It sounds to me that your store tried to do you a favor for the inconvenience as the actual store isn't responsible for whats printed in the Sunday ads and you threw a fit.

to Anonymous #1309296

Be careful, you told this person that he is wrong, so according to him. "You work for Target", "you live in your parents basement", "you are a troll" , "you have no life, and other lies he wants to tell about you.

Alvarado, Texas, United States #1307757

Not sure, one person is trying to warn unsuspecting buyers about questionable sales ads and ethics and the other seems to be constantly trying to pick a fight with the OP and keeps insulting them and calling them undeserving a liar. And the site repeated the comments 4 times, not 6 or 2.

Must be a gliche in the posting site. Either way the one guy seems lie a deliberate antagonist and should be booted from the site.

Houston, Texas, United States #1307567

Good grief, OP, what is with this arguing back and forth?

to Anonymous #1307737

The OP is too immature to admit that he is wrong. He was told he was wrong and this is not considered bait and switch.

So he came to the conclusion that MakeMyDay2016 works for Target which is pretty silly and foolish. Then he made other false claims apparently, and even blamed makemyday2016 for making the same post six times when it was only twice. He blamed Makemyday2016 for something that is wrong with the site and he has no control over. He is just an immature five year old stuck in an adult body.

The statement saying you live in your parents basement another assumption shows his immaturity.

In others the OP thinks it is okay to insult and bash others but cannot take it in return. He does not have the balls to do so.


Number one, I didn't say you worked for Target; I ASKED you if you work for Target. Question not Accusation.

Your defensive and insulting attitude is what I would expect from a kid living in his parents basement. Your time responding all day also makes me wonder if you are even employed. If so you have a lot of time on your hands. You come across like a mindless computer geek.

You make accusations about my age, mental aptitude, intelligence and call me names. Big deal. I'm not going to give you the satisfaction. I still say what Target is doing across the nation is bait and switch.

I could care less what you and your friends think or say.

I am not a liar and my comments are to warn others not to fall for this petty ploy by a large commercial conglomerate. Done with this site.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1306837

You also said that I live in my parents basement, that I made six replies when the site is glitched, that I am trolling because I disagree with you. Maybe if you did not behave like a retard one would not assume that you are a child.

Maybe if you did not make claims like I probably work at Target, or live in my parents basement I would not see you as dimwitted. This is not bait and switch and if you do not know the difference between four and six than you are not the bright. Even a two year old can tell how much is four and how much is six. You ASSumed that I made those multiple posts called me childish when the site is glitched.

I guess you can call people childish but when someone calls you out it hurts your feelings. You made fun of my mental aptitude, my intelligence and you have nerve to complain about me. Grow up. Oh and the site is being glitchy again so before you act immature and uneducated it was not me posting the message four times it is the site glitch.

Another lie you told. Why did you lie about me living in my parents basement. DId your parents not teach you any better. You don't want to be called a little boy than stop acting like a child.

As you can see other people agree with me. You are obviously immature thinking that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1317775

I don't have a basement in my trailer.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1306838

Also why would you ASSume I work for Target. Because you are too immature to admit to being wrong?

That is why I questioned your age and intelligence, only a dimwitted person or young child would ASSume that I work for Target because I told you that I was wrong. I am just going to give you some advice. If you don't want someone to think you are dimwitted or a child don't ASSume that just because a person tells you that you are wrong. I am not the only one that finds your behavior immature, other people do as well.

You are done with this site because you are too immature to admit being wrong. You also told other lies which you are not addressing, like lying about me living in my parents basement and living off them. Why is it okay for you to make lies and insults but not us.

Because it hurts your feeling and makes you want to cry to mommy. Guess what if you don't have the balls to be insulted or ridiculed don't do it yourself wimp; Don't start things you cannot finish.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1306839

Also retard, saying I live in my parents basement, and stating I made a post six times when it was four times and that because of a site glitch. Saying I am trolling.

and a whole bunch of other things are ASSumptions and lies. But I apologize for how I treated you. Mommy obviously never raised you the right way.

Maybe because she was a drunk and did not love you? If she did raise you the right way I am sure she is disappointed in how much of an uneducated immature person you grew up to be.

to Anonymous #1306844

Wow OP you are so immature.

to Immature Fullerton, California, United States #1306846

I agree

to Anonymous #1306848

But when you said that I live in my parents basement you are making an accusation. When you said that I made six posts of the same thing, and it was a site glitch you were accusing without getting your facts straight.

There are lots of other things like this you immature little kid. Where you were accusing me. Can't take it don't dish it. I apologize though for coming across rude.

I can't blame you for your behavior. I can only blame your mother for not raising you correct.

I just want to know one thing. When you said i had six posts of the same thing is it because you are unable to count or another lie aka accusation?

to Anonymous #1307738

But you did say that he lives in his parents basement. You did blame him for making the same post six times when it only posted like four times.

You did blame him for the site glitch. Yeah sometimes the site does make multiple posts, that is not the poster's fault. If someone blamed you for something that was not your fault for sure you would be making a skink of it and handling it as immaturely as you are on here. You are done with this site because you don't want to be held accountable for the lies you told about another user.

Okay we can accept the "you probably work for Target, But you flat out accused this person of living in his parents basement.

Apparently you can dish insults but not take them. You don't have the balls to take insults back.

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