I purchased an item on November 29th as a Christmas Present for $69.99 and three weeks later it went on sale for $49.99. When I went to Guest Services to get a $20.00 Credit with my receipt, they said I had to return the product and re-purchase at the lower price.

I find it ridiculous that i should have to bring back an item (Box is very large and bulky) return the item then turn around and re-purchase just to get the lower price. Just about every major department store offers a 30 Day price guarantee - except Target.

Well I spent my last dollar at Target.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #13130

Oh grow up, if you want the cheaper price return the product and re-purchase it or pay an extra $20. It is called making choices.

Surely your parents and teachers taught you to do this.

It is also called not getting your way all the time. Surely your parents don't give in to you always.

Fredericia, Syddanmark, Denmark #13125

Well I am tired of hearing about y'alls complaints against Target. You all are clearly idiots, just get to know their policy and everything will be ok. The sale has to be within 14 days you dip.

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