Target advertised a Compaq laptop computer in their Dec. 11th, 2011 ad.

Their local store here in N.J. opened at 8AM on Sunday. I got in line at the electronics counter at 8:15 and by time I got to cashier, they said that they were out of this computer, because they only had 10 for the sale.

I understand that on Black Friday they will only have a few available of products, to bring people into the stores, but I find it unconsciable, that a store like Target is still trying to play these games to lure customers into the store. From what I understand that this is a common practice for Target, to advertise a special promotion, knowing full well that won't have enough on hand to satisfy the demand for a specially priced electronic item.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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Retail is run by the devil.


Snooze ya loose. Try going out on Black Friday dude.


this is just another ''guest'' complaint i deal with on a daily basis. We do not control how many of a sale item the distribution center sends to us.

We get what we get, end of story.

I'm sorry that you think we have an infinite amount of backroom space to keep all of these items for you. If you have a complaint, take it to corporate - don't get mad at the team members; we have zero control over it.


So tell me, how many should they have on hand?


All stores do this. That's why people line up the day before.

Where have you been for the last.... 20 years????

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