Target Sunday papers came out with an advertised special - PC laptop for $197. The first 2 stores we called were already sold out.

The next two stores said they had plenty of PC's. When we asked if we could have one held, they said they could not, but they assured us they had plenty in stock. Of course like idiots, we went to the Frisco store on 121/preston and upon going to the electronic department, they had just sold out.. when we pressed the salesman, he admitted they only had 3 pc's in stock.

We then went to the other store, again they were sold out. They only had 4 pc's and all sold last night...No rain checks and no more PCs. This is not the first time this has occurred with advertised specials. I will never shop Target again!

Want to know how Walmart became the largest retailer ... well with customer service like Target provides its not hard to understand.

Monetary Loss: $197.

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On the first page of the ad it clearly states "quantities limited, no rain checks." You could have asked when they were expecting their next shipment - we have a way of looking that up on our pdas. Target policy states that we cannot hold sale items; it's first come first serve.


This is a common tactic with all stores, not just Target. As for WalMart, they are well-known for doing this, plus their "customer service" is a joke nowdays.

I would recommend Meijers if there is one in your area. Never WalMart.

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