Can't believe that you are dropping Paula Deen over a comment made 30 years ago. If I had a gun to my head like Paula did I probably would have said worse and so would you.

She has apologized and should be enough...but not for you guys. Let's start taking a look into your Board of Directors and see what's in their past! I bet it would be pretty interesting. Unbelieveable bad decision on your part.

I will NEVER shop at a Target again, or Walmart. To bad for you guys, you really did *** off alot of homemakers, cooks and the people who really enjoyed Paula Deen.

But then again, everyone can just buy all of her products on her website. To *** with you!!!!!

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #672295

There is more to this, than just the "n" word. Do some research and read the court papers.

Furthermore, her apologies weren't really sincere, with her shedding crocodile tears. Target won't miss your business.

to anonymous #672369

Thank you, someone with some sense.

Irvine, California, United States #672272

Don't you realize that if Target had chosen not to stop selling her merchandise that there would be another person on this website complaining that Target supports racism. So from a company stand point...

what should be done ? What would you do ? There is no right answer. Also...

who cares ? Why are you concerning yourself with this issue when it doesn't affect you ?

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