I was shopping in my neighborhood Target store with my children. I passed an end cap with air fresheners on sale so I stopped to get some.

As I picked up one of the air fresheners, a bunch of items came tumbling forward as if someone had emptied their entire cart on the shelf. One of the items, an almost black colored nail polish, rolled off the shelf and hit the floor covering my brand new Nike Air Max sneakers, which were white and cost $160 and the bottom of a brand new pair of Nike sweat pants. I went to the manager who took pictures. I also took pictures and had me fill out a form.

After a few days of not hearing anything, I called the number on the form and was very ignorantly told that I needed receipts for my ruined items which I never keep and that it would take 30 days to hear back.

I was also told that they would estimate how much my clothing was worth. They had me send my pictures that I took myself, which were in the Target store. And even from the pictures, you can see my sneakers were clean as a whistle and had no wear on them.

Some of the pictures were taken with the bottom of the sneaker showing so you could see the bottoms weren't even worn the slightest bit. I finally receive a phone call in March of 2012. Mind you, this happened in the beginning of October of 2011 with an offer of $75. I was told, when this first happened, that if I contacted a lawyer that I could sue them and get way over what my items were worth but I just wanted was I was out.

After having to wait all this time and being hit with such an insult of $75, I wish I would have sued them.

I didn't accept the offer. I'm trying to figure out what I should do at this point.

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Whether you are lying for a free pair of shoes or whether this actually happened as you claim, unfortunately stupidity does not cover the damage to your shoes. Not their fault some other customer left the polish open. You should be glad they are giving something for your stupidity.


what you need to do now is calm down. next time, carefully take something from a shelf instead of messing with something unstable if you see that it is.

and also, I see what Jedi Knight Ethan said. if that's the case, the original poster just has problems.


That is exactly what is iffy about this whole thing wtf. How many companies are you going to sue for the same thing? Seriously you should be glad they gave you $75 for your scam.


This person is lying the exact same thing happened at Kmart, and Walmart. He most likely poured the polish on his own shoe, or one of his children did it accidentaly and he is hoping that Target or one of the other stores will pay for it.


You really think that you could sue them for "way over" what the items are worth?!? You and the individual that gave that advice are delusional!!

Good luck finding a lawyer who would take a case for a couple hundred bucks!! Hahahaha!! Seriously?!?!

For future reference it isn't a good idea to take advice from people while you have your head up your ***. It's hard to hear exactly what people are saying.


My shoes got dirty :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

Way to save the receipts for items you obviously can't live without. Nice one. NOT


It's your fault you didnt keep your receipts. Seriously, who buys an expensive item and then throws away the receipt?

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