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My daughter's biggest wish is to have a barbie townhouse i looked every where and there where only a few stores left who have this thing i ordered one from "TARGET" they did not state it was on back order or out of stock until 2 weeks later when it's impossible to find my daughter another one. I recieve an email saying we cancelled your order and don't know when we will get anymore!

When i called they told me well we recieved 6 and they went out randomly "sorry".

If i had known from the beginning they were on back order i would had been searching elsewhere to me that is false advertisement and just plain "wrong"! All i get is a sorry!!Tell that to my 5yr old christmas morning!!!

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #797810

Are these post that is being written a "Joke".WTF is going on with this BS.

to Linda #797964

I would like to think this is a joke, but then again there are some people that result to childish name calling when they don't get the response they want.

to Anonymous #1126067

This site is a joke. They allow cyber bullying, harassment, discrimination, impersonation, they ban those that stand up to rule breakers. Can't even follow their own rules.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #231891

P.S Just to show you how childish this person is, she changed her name from Wndy74 to Usuck. How childish is that.

We don't like her agreement so we suck. I wonder who the real five year old is, her or the daughter?

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #231888

I have yet to see bystander post a rude comment, if you read the replies you would know that wndy74 is a child abuser and online bully. Just read the disgusting comments she has made to 12 year old boy.

I am glad I am not the only one who reported this to authorities. So unless you (the true meaning of Christma, Jesus Christ) is the OP, keep your mouth shut, PS don't use Jesus Christ as a user handle to post your sick comments or to post lies about others.

Fanwood, New Jersey, United States #228313

No one likes being screwed...yes she's getting anger out should honor the price at least when it comes back in stock. Fraudulent practices...creepy from an american store.

Fanwood, New Jersey, United States #228312

they did the same to me...creepy practices. Where is a lawyer?

Leonia, New Jersey, United States #227963

Okay, after reading thru this, one thing sticks out. Wendy has lost her ever loving mind.

She going off on a rant attacking people. Get over it!


o and, how sad are you for arguing with some *** *** over the internet, dumb *** get a life, shouldnt you have realized by now your arguing with some random *** across the world somewhere? why do thier opinons matter? because your a loud mouth *** pritty much, anyone else wouldnt bother

and to the guy that said something about spell check, stuck up *** like you deserve to be smacked, why do u assume anyone cares if u prefer words spelled perfectly? pretentious ***, did u stop to think that maybe most people dont care when typeing on the internet and dont find it worth the time to spell check, or use perfect grammer, who are you trying to impress anyway? yourself? your a ***

as for myself, as far as im concerned, your worth about as much as the dirt my dog uses as a restroom, so why would i care to impress you with perfect grammer, and spelling?


wendy, your right about the store being wrong to do what they did. that being said, your a ignorant retarted spoiled smart mouthed little ***, hopefully people like you one day will not be allowed to raise children, and as you do not care about what anyone has to say, dont assume that i care about what u think about my message, or if u care about what i have to say, your still a *** no questions about it, so ya, *** off,

PS. believe me anything you have to say about anything i have said, or anything u have to say about any assumptions u have about me, is completely useless, due to your position as a loud mouth ***, your opinion is meaningless to anyone other then yourself, or maybe the child whose mind your numbing, that and i prolly wont ever even grace this site again, i just wanted to let u know, you are undeniably a loud mouth, snot nosed, self entitled, ***


Say whatever you wish about me WOW, but I do need to point out that the posts by me and abuse finally got that Wndy75 woman to stop verbally abusing a 12 year old boy.


Looks like most of you should look into purchasing Microsoft Word for spell check ...........Illiterate, mean, ill-will ect.. All the emotions we are supposed to put aside for Christmas. I hope God forgives you all and I pray you have a blessed Christmas.


You have ALL lost thought of the true meaning of CHRISTmas....... I am ashamed of you all But remember forgiveness is divine.


TO : Wndy74 and Bystander.... May God forgive you for your words & thoughts. May you reconnect with the TRUE meaning of this the most Holiest of all days.


To Abuse,

Thank you abuse for your post. I simply didn't have the strenghth to attempt to explain something to someone who is not smarter than a fense post. That is exactly what I meant about child abuse.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #225860

If your daughter actually does know the true meaning of Christmas better then any of us she certainly did not learn it from you. Because everyone who posted here including Zachary know a whole lot more about what Christmas is about then you do.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #225859

No one is accusing you of abusing your children. "Bystander" is saying you are abusing zachary, and the fact that you are only going after him and not the adults obviusly means you are picking on someone way smaller and younger then yourself.

The fact that out of all the adults who have basically told you the same thing if not worse and you are going after the 12 year old is child abuse, cyber bullying you name it.

Also you claim your daughter knows the true meaning of Christmas. Well neither you nor her know the true meaning of Christmas if this will ruin Christmas for you. Your title is saying family is not as important as gifts, or is celebrating the birth of Christ as important as gifts. It does not matter how well she knows the story of Christ, if you can make a claim that she this ruined her Christmas then you truely don't know the meaning of Christmas, and if she thinks this ruined her Christmas than she does not know the meaning if Christmas, but she gets this from you so it is not really her fault, it is what she was taught.

Thanks for raising another person who thinks things should just be perfect for them with no trouble at all.

Sure every child wants that one gift for Christmas, but not every child can get that one gift. Infact some kids don't get anything at all ever.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #223286

Child abuse. I never abused my children.


To wndy74

As if it is any of your business, but my children are both over the age of 12 and do not need me hovering over them every minute of the day. Hovering parents turn out children that ultimatly turn crazy such as yourself.

I also would like you to know that I have made various complaints about you to the sight managers of this web site, and have contacted local authorities that research child abuse and cyber bullying in my area about your posts on this site. Believe me, if they feel that it is warranted, they will find you, and both you and your childrens Christmas will be ruined.

As for me, my children are getting exactally what they asked for because I, a responsible mother, planned ahead and bought their gifts before everyone else wanted it and they sold out. Merry Christmas wndy74 and a happy New Year.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #223095

Shut up Zachary you are only apologizing to make me look bad. Also "get help lady" If you don't like my comments then don't post or don't read them. I can leave any comment I want.

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