I ordered 2 4x6 pictures for a father's day present at about 10 am Saturday morning using Target on line photo. I called at 3pm some rude lady in the photo department told me that they were busy and all pictures were going to be printed by 5pm.

I called again at 5:15. The same rude lady answered and gave the phone to an equally rude man who advised me that the computer was down all day and that there would be no pictures printed. Really, they could have not advise me of the problem when I called earlier that day, allowing me to use the always on time Wallmart photo lab????? Thanks a lot, Target.

Now I have to run to find a place that the develop the pictures for me so the surprise present for my 85 year old dad will not be ruined.

Great service. I thought I would never say that, but I am always going to use Walllmart!!

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anonymous is infamous for spending half of his/her day on this site.


Most likely you thought that if you went at the last minute you would get a discount. Shame on you. Also how is telling you the machine is broken and that they pictures will be ready by 5pm rude. Not giving you the answers that you want would be rude. Would you rather they lied to you than gave the honest answer?

If not getting a gift on Father's Day ruins your the day he have very bad priorities and taught you wrong that gifts and money are better than spending time together.

BiggerBruce, telling this person that the machine is broken and that they won't get the prints until 5pm is NOT rude.


You could print those pics yourself by taking your photo card or the picture to walgreens or other place that lets you do your own. Why would you pay for them to do it?

Target is infamous for its bad customer service.
It's too bad that they potentially ruined your 85 year old father's holiday, but they have no concerrn about doing so.
I try to warn everyone I can not to deal with Target.

This is just another example of how they don't have any concern for their customers. :roll

Nothing says ' worthless' comment like the above poster. Please make an attempt at a constructive comment in regards to the poor customer service obviously received.


Nothing says "I love you dad" by getting his gift less than 24 hours before Father's Day.

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