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This is the second time I have visited the Target at Southpoint Mall in Durham, North Carolina. I cannot believe how incredibly rude the employees are. Both times when I checked out, the cashier would not look me in the eye, speak to me or answer me when I said, "How are you?" Also, they NEVER place my purchased items into my cart, when they can clearly see that I have too many items to carry to my car. Today, an employee was blocking the aisle to the cashier re-stocking candy bars and magazines. When I asked if she was in line (as she had a large cart) she said 'no,' but didn't move. I finally squeezed around her and asked the cashier if she was open. She was, but was so busy talking to her 'friend' that she didn't acknowledge me.

After the no-smile-no speak transaction, I asked her if she was going to load my 10 plastic bags full of groceries and other items into my cart. She replied, "I don't have to." I just looked at her. Really? Wow.

As I was loading my own groceries into my cart, I spotted a manager and asked him if it was their policy to not load the bags into the customers' cart as that is what they do in Arizona at my old Target. The manager got two inches from my face, I guess to intimidate me, and asked if I was from Scottsdale and if normally shopped at Basha's. He mispronounced "Bashas" as "Boshas." I said, "No, I shop at Target in Tempe and they ALWAYS put my bags in my cart and they always speak to me and ask how I'm doing and if I found everything ok." The manager finished loading my cart and said that different stores do different things, etc., Still leaning two inches from my face. I felt he was implying that I was a spoiled snob and that I was used to being pampered since I'm from "Scottsdale."

I have some prescriptions to pick up at that store, but after that, NEVER again! I'm boycotting Target.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Manager, Cashier, Store employees, Rude employees, Lack of customer care and service.

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Where do these rich people shop where their items are loaded into a cart and then pushed to their car? If you can't load your own cart, Scottsdale, then I suggest hiring a personal shopper so you don't have to bother with the little people.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #959358

Putting the bags in your cart is a courtesy. Some stores do it, some don't.

Presque Isle, Maine, United States #958125

Okay so they definitely should've at least greeted and said hi, but they aren't required to put your bags into your cart.

Eagle, Idaho, United States #912931

if someone is being intimidating you punch them in the fuking face. if they kick yourbutt in return then be intimidated.

Orange, California, United States #912348

You did not receive bad customer service, you just think that you are the only person that they deal with and they should ignore everyone else and help you. Yeah you are selfish and self centered you must be six years old.

Durham, North Carolina, United States #912124

I'm now wondering if all the folks who have commented on my post were hired by Target. There is absolutely NO reason for their personal attack on me.

This is a website designed to for people to VENT in cases of poor products and poor customer service. I have never met any of these people or offended them in any way, so the only logical conclusion is that they either have WAY too much time on their hands to do nothing but insult disgruntled consumers, or they were hired by Target to personally attack said shoppers.

to SpaGirl66 #912147

I will admit I do work in retail, but I don't work for Target. I work for another major retail company.

to Grow up Orange, California, United States #912347

I feel sorry for you then, since she is no longer shopping at Target she will probably come to your store and act like a total b**ch, she obviously has entitlement issues. She claims people were rude to her for telling the truth, that she is lazy and a snob.

Guess she cannot take the truth, if you live in this b**ches state I hope she does not come to your store. However I have feeling we are dealing with a six year old here, only a six year old would ASSume that people who call her out on her behavior are Target employees, only a six year old would think we are being rude because we put a b**ch in her place. I wonder if she went crying to mommy about how mean and rude us "target employees" are to her.

Hopefully mommy sees this and tells her little daughter that she is wrong and makes her apologize th the cashier. Hopefully mommy explains why this little girl's behavior is wrong and makes her write an apology review to Target.

to KevinRichards #912525

I love it how the OP's automatically assume we work for that particular company when we point out the flaws in their childish and idiotic complaints.

to SpaGirl66 Orange, California, United States #912345

I wonder if you are six years old? Only a six year old would ASSume that people who tell them they are wrong that they work for the company.

How would you like it if someone told you that this is all a lie and the only reason you posted a negative review about Target was because you were fired or busted for shoplifting and you are just making them look bad for revenge.

The point is you were acting rude and immature, you were being disrespectful so you got that treatment in return. You are the rude one and if you actually are over the age of six you have a lot of growing up to do.


I love how the manager remains 2 inches from her face WHILE loading her cart (BC she's way too good to load a few bags into a cart). I WISH I were there to tell her all the stuff that the cashier and manager wanted to but couldn't


Target only puts your items in the bags, they don't load your bags in your cart for you and they are under no obligation to do so. What are you, 6 years old?

If you are, then mommy or daddy should have been shopping with you. GROW UP! Its amazing what some people whine and complain about and then they come on here expecting pity and sympathy.

No one feels sorry for you, so quit whining about *** things and get a life. One more thing, you're not entitled to special treatment as you obviously think you are.

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #911859

I can't believe what some people will complain about. I can't remember the last time I shopped anywhere and had groceries or anything put in my cart.

Target, Wal-Mart, and grocery stores in general are built for efficiency. Please do the people that get stuck behind you in line a favor and put your own freaking bags in your own cart. You somehow found the strength to get them into the cart and onto the belt at the register. Did you strain your arm running your card or perhaps pull something in your back while handling your 22 pound coin purse?

Jesus Christ 95% of the people there are trying to get in and out as soon as possible.... so thanks for not going there anymore and giving the rest of us a few seconds of our life back.


Choose a different cashier if restocking is going on or maybe walk your fat *** down the next one and cut through past where they are restocking.


Oh yes the old bag persons. Look you want stuff cheap.

To get that they buy cheaper products, lower wages and what an employee does for the costumer. Example: Aldis (a discount store where you rent carts, bag your self, bring your own bags and the cashier does NOT help) target implies this by how they have their registers. (Note how grocery stores have long belts after the cashier) your target might do this for you b/c of how you act. It is reasonable that cashiers do not do it because of how the registers are set up.

That is how target walmart cvs and others work. Piggly wiggly festival or woodmans bag b/c that is how they are designed. In the end you can ask most to put in cart if disabled or heavy object but if you want that "service" all the time shop somewhere that offers it. Good luck because you are either spoiled or a stubborn old maid to get with the times.

And yes I do ask if a heavy object. And yes if I need alot of stuff I go to a store that has most of the items i need AND a bagger.


You do sound like a spoiled snob. Was there a legitimate reason that you couldn't put your own purchases in the shopping cart?

Being you didn't know the cashier you didn't really have a reason to be concerned about how they were, and therefore they didn't really have a reason to answer you.

I'm sure Target won't miss your business.

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #911701

There is a good reasons she is six years old and the groceries are too heavy for a child of six to put in their shopping cart. She must be six with her childish behavior.

I agree she is snobbish. Snobbish an lazy. The reason no one wants to be friendly with her is because of her childish attitude. I am sure Target will not miss her as well.

They don't need snobby customers.

Perhaps if she said please and asked the cashier nicely to load the cart they would have done so, but she thinks she is entitled to having her cart loaded and probably demanded rudely that her cart be loaded.

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