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Rude team leader at Target Superstore at Quail Springs in OKC. She hardly had time for me and said that there was nothing she could do.

Meanwhile, she was eating and drinking while talking to me. It seemed like she was more interested in stuffing her mouth and getting as far away as possible than to help a customer. She was also rolling her eyeballs at my questions and then putting me down in front of other service workers. Meanwhile, the grocery area looked horrible.

I wondered how she could be considered the lead person in the grocery side. Someone needs to talk to her.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sometimes they are caught on their lunch half hour, which may be why they were eatting/ drinking. I don't believe they can eat/drink while on the clock.

Either way if you weren't happy or still needed help, then go to customer service and explain what happened.

Or call corporate. Not sure what your original issue was, so can't help with that.


So exactly what caused you to complain about her?

Exactly what was the problem that caused you to post on this website?

Exactly what do you want Target to do about this team leader?

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