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Really interesting to read this. Just got off the phone with a Nadia who was also a supervisor for Red Card Services.

EXTREMELY rude and she too was only willing to spit out "guidelines" that we didn't meet to waive a late fee that we questioned because Red Card Services took over a month to get us a requested final invoice on closing our account, talked down to me multiple times, and ultimately just telling me "OK well sorry" and ending the call when I explained my point of view on the situation. We had to go back and look up on our phone bill when we called initially and sure enough it took so long that a mysterious new late charge appears and now we are on the hook for another $38 because we thought maybe we were being completely unreasonable. The circumstances were partially our own since we moved and thought we had payed off the full balance the month we moved so we didn't bother updating the address. Once we realized we had a small balance we wanted to pay it off but had to call multiple times in order to get them to close the account and send us a final invoice.

Pretty standard with how we pay off everything (same procedure with Verizon Fios, Utility Bills, and another Credit Card we paid off several months ago) but was shocked to see an additional late charge since they took so long to process a very simple request. All of this is again semi-understandable because even with a move and a million things going on its still ultimately our responsibility to check up on this. Additionally at the end of the day the charge is minimal but I think the bigger concern is how rude and condescending a supervisor was on the phone and their attitude in handling the entire issue.

The initial guy we spoke with was actually really nice and we offered to make a payment right there but he suggested to wait until it was reviewed to see if we could get the fee removed which I really appreciated. I think that is another reason I was blown away a bit by how incredibly rude this Nadia was and I think its a shame that customers, who are usually calling with concerns and issues, have to deal with a supervisor that has a real lack of empathy and an attitude that comes off as insulting and as if she's talking to someone who knows nothing and is beneath her.

Review about: Td Bank Redcard Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I feel they should be aware of the demeanor of the people in management or supervisory roles at their company. Not asking for anything more than that. .

I liked: First representative we spoke with.

I didn't like: Supervisor that called back to help.

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I agree with the poster below, a lot of people boycotted Target because of the sick transgender BS, as did I.


Look, it's not their fault you moved and didn't update your address. Pay what you owe, and that includes the late fee.

If I were a supervisor I'd probably get tired of hearing people on the phone all day trying to get out of paying what they owe.

They didn't make the error, you did. Too bat there isn't a site for retail workers to post about unreasonable customers.


Target has lost a lot of business, because they are in the the tank for liberalism. Just take a look at the restroom situation, they now let degenerates use them.

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