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This is regarding the Target located at 1800 S Kensington Dr on the east side of Appleton in Wisconsin. I was at this store about a week ago and I personally use a Target debit card because I do not want another credit card, especially when the only purpose for getting a Target debit card was to get the extra 5% off everything I purchase at Target.

Prior to swiping my Target debit for my first transaction, the cashier asked me if I had a Target card, to which I flashed my debit card to indicate that yes I did. While the cashier continued to scan my items, she continues to harass me by asking me if I also had a Target credit card and if not, would I like to open one. I stated that no I do not, I have a Target debit so no, I am not interested in opening up a Target credit card. This woman continued to harass me about the Target credit card. So I replied by asking why on earth would I open a Target CREDIT card when I already have a Target DEBIT card. I thought this would be a simple open and closed case, right? Wrong! She gives me a pathetic example of how "some ladies" have both a Target CREDIT AND DEBIT, she continued with stating that with the Target CREDIT card, some people will put expensive items on it like a TV so that they can pay it off over time.

I totally get that the cashiers at Target obviously have some quota to meet with opening up Target RedCards, as I've heard managers on the walkie talkies many times either cheering on an associate to all the employees in the store via walkie talkie or basically coaching everyone letting them know that they need to open "x" amount of cards by the end of the day.

I'm a woman and not only did I feel it was completely inappropriate and very sexist for this cashier to use the phrase "some ladies" referring to female customers and implying that only "ladies" shop at Target, but also was very offended that this cashier was suggesting that I open up a CREDIT card and then urged me to put expensive items on it that I "can't pay for right away" and urged me to pay for them over time. When she made this statement to me, I immediately snapped back with telling her that, if someone "can't pay for an item right away" THEY SHOULDN'T BE BUYING IT!!! Case in point!! This is also urging customers to "pay over time" and guess what happens when someone "pays over time"? You pay FINANCE CHARGES!!! I immediately went home and closed my Target DEBIT card. I am done with Target for urging customers to go into debt for purchasing items they cannot afford!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Able to warn other consumers.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Decatur, Alabama, United States #1250145

I agree this is very irritating when a cashier attempts to be a salesman. I've had the harassment happen to me so much!!

I've even left in tears. Once, a cashier kept going on and on after I simply said no thank you three times very calmly. She saud "wow I guess you don't like saving money, that's really sad"... she made this mean girl smirk and fake smile...

so rude and disrespectful.

I hate it so much!!


She was not being rude, she was just doing her job. Do you want your tax money going towards supporting her because she got fired for not doing her job?

I am surprised that she even asked you to apply for a credit card. From your attitude I doubt you are old enough to have one.


Oh no, an employee in a store you voluntarily decided to shop at was following guidelines to sell you the store's product. How dare a store try to sell things and make a profit from their clientele. For shame.

to Anonymous Hell, Michigan, United States #1011167

You have it all wrong. She said NO multiple times!

One no is enough. If they keep pushing after you have said NO that is harassment! Anyone who tolerates people that keep asking you the same question over and over again are clueless robots.

Also again she is right, if you cant afford to buy something you shouldn't be buying it in the first place. I'm sure all of this is over your head, you seem like the type that will just do what they are told and never question anything.


Well aren't you Mrs high and mighty.


So the employee was pushy, in my opinion that doesn't mean rude. I don't see that she urged you to buy expensive things if you had one of their credit cards, to me it sounded like she was only explaining what you could do.

There is a difference. I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. I hear about employees in a lot of stores doing that, it isn't just Target.

If she continued after the first time you said "no" you could have calmly and politely told her that you had already denied wanting to do the application and told her that if she didn't stop you would leave your purchases in the store and walk out. There wasn't anything that happened that deserved as much ranting as you did.

to Anonymous #1002835

Go F yourself. I didn't say that "pushy meant rude" she was BOTH pushy AND rude.

She made several snide comments. I've come across cashiers at many various stores who push the credit cards but this cu*t was just over the top! You obviously work at Target since you are defending it.

And fyi I have a debit NOT credit card. Two totally different products.

to consumerinusa #1145359

Sounds like both of you were in the wrong considering your attitudes.

to Anonymous #1145408

The whole issue is mommy was not there to tell her to mind her manners. But I am surprised at the cashier trying to get a four year old like the OP to apply for a credit card.

They must be that desperate if they are trying to get four year old's to sign up for a credit card.

The four year old is mistaking being pushy as being rude. I wonder if mommy know that she is using profanity and throwing a temper tantrum here as she did in Target.

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