I was purchasing a few tees for my daughter. The shelf that were on on said 3 for 18.00 I picked up the three and went to the checkout.

While being check out I noticed I was not getting the discount that I was suppose to get. The front manager came over and said only two of the three tees were on that sale. ( the shirts looked exactly the same, just different colors) When I expressed that they were on the same shelf, she replied, I didn't stock the shelf I don't know what is back there. I said if you are not going to honor the sale, then you should go back there and take the rest of the shirts down so you don't have this problem the rest of the week.

She said it was not her job. I told her to take the shirts off my ticket I would not buy them and her reply, Why are you being so mean, it is not my fault. Really? This is who is running your store Target, you should be very proud that you hired someone who is not capable of handling issue that come or or taking responsibility on Targets behalf.

Won't ever go back to that store or the other one that is close for that matter. The simple fact that your employees especially someone whom you felt was experienced enough to handle that job shows how much you really care for your clientele. I realize your decision was purely based on how little you have to pay someone to run your store. Hope it is worth it.

I wonder how many other shoppers she has treated badly, that didn't bother to complain.

Oh well keep it up and you will start to mirror the Walmarts that California fights so hard to keep out.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #665131

I'm sorry but being that I also work in retail (not for target but a department store) I completely empathize with the worker. We do what is in our job descriptions.

And I don't care who I work for, i'm not taking responsibility on the company's behalf or even another worker's behalf for something I didn't do lol. If she doesn't do stocking or pricing why would that be her problem? They explained to you that one of the shirts were not on that sale so you could either get another shirt, or don't get any of them. Sometimes things are marked down by color and size.

Like if it isn't selling that much, then they will mark the unpopular color down and leave the others at regular price. Same with sizes, if the bigger sizes aren't selling, they will get marked down before the smaller sizes will. It happens.

So it's not that she can't handle her job, I think she handled it quite well. Just because the shirts were in the same area/look the same/different colors doesn't mean they are the "same" in price.

to Anonymous Amarillo, Texas, United States #667320

That's typical of this current generation, disrespect the person that makes it possible for you to have the retail job, "The Consumer!" And by God never take one step to follow up on solving a problem, or do more than just the mi I mum you can get by with. All goes to help the big corporate retail giants violate advertising laws that use to say if you advertise the price that's what you can charge, and no more! If they are not marked right the cashier better not charge more or it is still false advertising!

to Old one Amarillo, Texas, United States #667323

The biggest issue we have now as consumers is the lack of ma and pa stores to take the business to when these Walmart, Target and Shopko, and K-Mart stores violate consumer protection laws, and hire *** young employees that don't even know or care that they still exist! And do they really if we do not enforce them?

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