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I witnessed the most aweful customer service ever at a Target store this week. The manager was arguing with a customer about a reciept and the coupons she used.

Although I was not directly involved I can say that what I witnessed was horrible customer service. The manager was very rude and went as low to belittle the customer in front of other customers and staff. I am shocked that this person was hired as a manager.

Due to this event I will no longer shop at Target but instead take my business to Walmart. I am so disappointed in Target.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1227836

You were not involved so you do not know the entire story. You only got there halfway during the conversation.

Maybe the manager is a ***, or perhaps the coupon was expired, not for the right size. Perhaps the customer was acting like a four year old(as you were doing) when they refused to change the rules for her.

Cave Creek, Arizona, United States #1227823

This sounds like me, Keaton, in front of guests walking by made horrible and humiation accusations when I asked to talk to a manager about issues on my reciept and the fact I was mistreated by the guest service staff. The leader leads his staff to be as awful as as he is towards guests.

I was kicked out and my son and friend said I didn't even argue, just listen to his belittling. Unbeliebable..

I'm still so hurt. I guess Target can afford to lose long time loyal customers.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432538

Obviously Modestmoon is an ex Target employee and is just making this up to get her manager in trouble because he fired her. Either that or she is 7 years old as I stated earlier and has the logic of a seven year old assuming that because we are telling something as it is and disagreeing with this child that we work for Target.

Move along little girl, this site is for 14 and over. Does your mommy know you are visiting a 14+ site Modestmoon?

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #432537

Look I know that you are only seven years old(otherwise you would get your facts straight when you just listened in on another conversation) Most likely that customer was trying to use expired coupons or not following policies. You don't know the whole story so keep your big nose out of other people's business. However I have a feeling you already knew this because you are taking about yourself.


Customers often go to customer service with an old recite claiming they forgot their coupons. At my store there's a family that comes in one at a time getting a few hundred each off the same reciet.

Im guilty of being short with people like that. They approach you in a friendly manner so you will feel badly about denying them. The moment you do, they fly off the handle.

Those transactions take up at least 10 minutes, 20 if the cashier actually checks to see if the items have been returned or if they match the coupons. Since there's usually one person working guest service, that *** gets annoying.


Previously NARC YOU OUT - I want to advise that some little coward has taken my screen name and is posting lies that they want everyone to believe I said. To clarify, from now 9/2/11 I shall no longer post as Narc you out, but will be Anonymous, much like the thief and liar who has used my screen name.

Please be assured that my mission to warn people about Target's terrible treatment to their customers with problems has not changed, nor will it. I ask everyone to warn as many people as possible. I have discovered that is a forum for apolgists to defend Target despite of the horrible treatment they hand out to paying customers. It seems as though any complaint posted is met with vulgarity and rudeness.

It does not change the fact, however, that your warning postings are helpful and people consider valid complaints rather than foolish comments made by a couple of ummmm Target defenders (yeah, let's call them that). It showes their despiration when they have to resort to stealing and lies to get their point across.


Thank you all for these postings and comments. They are necessary to advise the general public know how unscrupulous Target's business practices are.

They have no concern for the merchandise they sell. I was a victim of bait and switch with my purchase and the only response they gave me was embarrasing treatment, but no satisfaction. Were it not for the fact that our court systems were destroyed because of Hurricane Katrina, I surely would have pursued this matter in small claims court. Please tell everyone you know that Target is a store best avoided.

Since we expect to get what we think we purchase and not some damaged or altered product, we should not trust Target to selll us those products.

I appreciate your comments and welcome you to this site. Please continue to pass the word on to everyone you know so that we can at least be forewarned about the terrible customer services at this store.


I am a long-time Target employee. I saw a comment by JArender where it was stated that bananas should have been rung up at 24 cents per pound.

Actually, bananas at Target are priced at 24 cents each, not per pound. Also, I do not condone rudeness by an employee or a Guest. And I certainly make no excuses for what I've read -- I am horrified and I must be very blessed to work in a store that would never tolerate such behavior by its employees. I'll probably suffer some remarks for saying this, but I wish some of the commenters could be on the receiving end of the rudeness and abuse we receive from Guests.

Thanks goodness such an event is a rare thing! I've seen occasions when cashiers broke down in tears. So please try to remember that bad behavior goes both ways.

To Hollywood1919: You are right on when you brought up coupon scammers.

Target does lose quite a sum by such people - and they are good at it! By the time they're done with a new cashier, we've paid them to take our merchandise home!

Have a great 4th of July, everyone!


I witnessed the same thing today at a North Dallas Target where the Cashier cussed out this lady in front of me bc she asked the cashier to ring in the correct price for some produce item.We could all see the correct price from the register,the lady was right.The cashier kept saying "I'm not doin that bc I will get in trouble" (we all know that is outlandish) , so the lady fed up after about 1 minute, walked away to find a manager.Then cashier ended up saying "I'm done for the day because all these motherf-ers".It was crazy. It wasn't directed at me but I felt offened,the lady wasn't rude to the cashier.If you're having a bad day don't take it out on somebody else.Customer Service is for that cashier. Also,this is a site for people to share, not "mind your own business" geez!


I had my own coupon incident at my local Target store. I purchased frozen dinners with coupons attached to the packaging offering .50 cents off on the purchase.

One was a target brand chicken product and the other was a target brand beef product. Both coupons read .50 cents off on "this target brand chicken product" discount taken at register. As I was headed to the register I removed the coupons from the packages to have ready to present to the cashier. The cashier rang up my order I presented my coupons which were promptly handed back to me with the comment that these coupons were not for these products but some other frozen chicken item.

When I explained to the cashier that I had just removed them from the packages he argued with me about it and may as well have said I was lying. I pointed out to him on the packages where the coupons had been removed because you could see the glue outline on the packages in the shape of the coupons. He still refused to honor them and was quite rude and condescending. Now it is very rare that I ask to speak to a manager.

Especially over a one dollar dispute. But it was the cashiers attitude that prompted me to ask for a manager. When she came over and I explained the situation to her and told her that all of the packages in that case had the same coupons on them she agreed to honor then but not before the cashier felt the need to argue with her as well. He insisted on making her confirm 3 times that she was approving this.

My impression was that he continued to believe that it was the wrong decision and he wasn't happy with her overriding his decision and he wanted me to know it. I had also bought a microwave oven and a few other items in the same transaction so when I got to my vehicle I thought it smart to review the receipt. I had purchased approximately 2 pounds of bananas that were marked on the shelf at .24 cents per pound. The cashier had charged me for 50 pounds of bananas.

So I had to go back in to customer service and clear up that and get my money back for the 48 pound over-ring. I can't help but think that the cashier intentionally did that as retaliation for me asking to see the manager. So I just chalked up the experience to "things happen" until I went into the same store a week later and had another negative experience.

Hefty bags were on the shelf at 2.99 and Claritin off brand for 5.24.

When I got the total for my order I noticed a large discrepancy in what the total was and what I had calculated as I shopped. The cashier told me the Claritin had rung up as $13 and change. I explained to her the shelf tag said $5.24 her answer was to ask me if I just wanted to remove that item from my purchase. When I said no I needed that item that I would go check myself and just cancel the whole order while I did that so I wouldn't hold up the line behind me.

Anyone who had any customer service skills would have taken charge and tried to resolve the situation to the customers satisfaction but she just let me go take care of it. When I got to the endcap where the product was there was an employee there who had a hand scanner so I had him check the prices on some of the packages and we discovered that all of the packages were placed in the wrong slot on the shelves. I went back and checked out. This time before I left the store I checked my receipt and discovered that the ziplock bags I had purchased rang up at $3.59 when the shelf tag said $2.99.

I could have cared less about the .60 cent over-ring but at this point I wanted to let Target know that they had an ongoing problem here. I went to the return desk and explained the situation and that it wasn't the .60 cents that I was concerned about but the continuing pricing problems that I had encountered and that it needed to be addressed.

That cashiers main focus was getting my .60 cents back to me. Which was all well and good but even after 2 attempts to emphasize the underlying problem and and get some reassurance that she would address that with her manager I left the store with the feeling that the issue would be forgotten as soon as I walked away.

So for all of you negative responders to the previous post here, all I can say is if you shop at Target check your receipt.


Yes I did witness the whole event I was right behind the person in the customer service line. The customer was not rude at all.

Obviously all the people that commented are all Target employees lol. In cases where the customer is rude then the manager needs to use de-escalation skills and not match the customers emotion.

The manager should be a leader and set the example. In this case the manager acted like a 2yr old that has not had a nap.


Were you around for the whole event? Maybe, the customer did something to highly *** off the manager.

What if the customer was the first to start belittling the manager?

Maybe, that customer had been in there before and tried doing the same thing... We have customers at our Target that every single time they come in, they try to find a loop hole they can take advantage of.


You don't know the whole story, so shut up and mind your own business. Maybe the woman was scamming the store with coupons?


Good luck with the ivy league 100% professional managers at Wal-Mart. You are an ***. You should have minded your own business.

to Simon Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1227838

You are right, but she did not, instead she acts like a two year old judging without getting facts.

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