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Update by user Apr 24, 2016

There are some things that I think need to be addressed. I wrote a comment about it but it was deleted.

Maybe this won't be deleted. There are a number of people posing as me and saying that Eric was helping a teenage boy and I interrupted him or something like that. This isn't true, of course. Eric was rearranging items on a shelf or something like that when I asked him about the item.

No one else was involved. Others are saying that I thought Eric was rude just because he was wrong about the item. I thought he was rude because he didn't look up from what he was doing, he cut me off, and his tone was brusque. He seemed irritated that I had asked him a question, and I felt like he only gave that answer because he thought it was the fastest way to get ride of me.

I think I should also mention that this person called Not_the_0P, with a zero, sometimes says that he knows me. I don't know who this is, but I'm sure I don't know him. Especially since he seems to think that I'm a man.

I think that's all. Hopefully this answers any questions you have.

Original review posted by user Jun 07, 2011

I went to the Napa Target store on Soscol and asked an employee named Eric for help. He told me, without even looking up from what he was doing, that they didn't carry the product I was looking for so I decided to get a similar product instead.

First thing I enter the aisle, I found the exact brand I was looking for. Eric was very rude and shouldn't have answered my question if he didn't know the answer.

He didn't even try to help. This is one of the worst experiences I have ever had with bad customer service.

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Like someone else said. Someone that is old and mature enough to stay on topic.

He did not know the answer, that is not the same as being rude. It would be like me asking you if it was going to rain tomorrow and you telling me no because the skies are clear. Then it unexpectedly rains so I think you are rude. He seemed to try to help, but it seems he was misinformed.

Not the same as being rude.

Then again, maybe he was blunt with you, but it does seem from what you have posted that you mistook his being misinformed about the product as rudeness.

to Anonymous #1149184

What are you talking about? Why doesn't anything you say ever make sense?


You said that Eric should not have answered your question if he did not know the answer. I am sure he did not purposely deceive you.

If he told you he did not know you would probably still find him rude.

I don't see him as rude at all. You were misinformed but that is about it.


I cannot address you personally but the first Not_the_OP is with the letter O, the second not_the_0P is with the number zero, notice how the space in the O0 is different.

to Anonymous #1145667

So it is. I missed that.

to Not_the_OP #1145913

Yeah, this guy seems to be after you right now, I think because you are the only one that provides him with attention. Like you said last month you were going to ignore him and call a truce.

I don't know why he continues to pretend to be you, perhaps because you are replying back and giving him attention.

he must have no life if he is going to troll again and again.

to Anonymous #1146320

You see this is the issue, he agreed to call a truce a week ago, but I guess he got bored and decided to start up trouble again. It is not me that is after him, he is the one after me.


Because it is obvious that there is no resolution to this argument, I renew my offer to end it. What possible reason could you have for continuing this?

Continuing such a pointless argument is childish. You, of all people, should see that.

Once again, this isn't surrender, it's a truce. So do you agree that the argument is over?

to Not_the_OP #1140484

Is seems especially pointless to continue arguing since all evidence of the argument is gone. So yea or nay?

to Anonymous #1147609

Done. They don't say Fairview.


This page is the perfect argument for why you should be required to sign in to post comments.


My offer still stands, but it's up to you to accept. This doesn't mean I've won, you're not admitting to anything, you're just agreeing to stop arguing.


I keep getting emails saying that people are replying to this. I was helping a teen aged boy when he interrupted me and said I should help him because it would only take a few seconds.

He said I should call him sir and show him respect but he isn't even older than me. he is lying.

He said security should have been called and his parents should have beaten him with a belt. He even admitted that he is a liar.

to Eric #1148008

You're not the guy from the review.


Hi, this is the real Coolalien. As you can see, I am logged in.

I did not write any of the comments that said there was a teenage boy. Everything was as I said in my first post.

To the fake old man, Eric seemed to be about my age, by the way. It wasn't a question of respect for elders, just rudeness.

Essex, England, United Kingdom #1134673

Sounds like much to do about nothing...annoying, yes but most likely is just a simple error. I cannot speak as to whether the man was rude or not, I was not there. Often times, people interpret a no as being rude.


It sounds like the employee was being rude. The OP's complaint wasn't about the answer, it was the way he answered.

to Anonymous #1134207

Just because he did not know where the item was and mistakenly lied does not make one rude. Also if you read one of her replies she admitted to interrupting him when he was talking to another customer. I wish they would not delete comments here.

to Anonymous #1134667

Based on the comments that weren't deleted, it sounds like a troll posted the comment about interrupting the other customer and signed the OP's name. Pissed Consumer used to let you sign anybody's name when you wrote a comment; luckily, they fixed that and you now have to either log in or sign as "anonymous." And in the original post, the only one we know for sure she actually wrote, it doesn't sound like the employee was talking to another customer.

Maybe he was just busy and she mistook that for being rude? Still, if he didn't know the answer he should have just said so.

to Anonymous #1136753

Whatever the case is I think we have the case of a child in an adult's body that cannot wait patiently. I doubt anyone would pose as him.

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