We were at that store and what I just want to say is that the employees were so rude and bad with Muslim customers like with us, so that's why they should ashamed on themselves to treated somebody very badly just because of their religion so I am going to give them full 0 points and they totally deserve 0. In my opinion they should not discriminate somebody because of any reason all people should be treated with respect.

Also employees should give them proper assistance if they ask with kind and gentle behavior. I am sorry target I'm really disappointed by you.

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It's so annoying that some Muslims in the US focus their efforts on stopping "discrimination" against themselves, rather than focusing on the root of the problem - other (crazy, terrorist) Muslims. Islam is a group that you choose to be part of (as opposed to race, gender, etc.) because you agree with its ideas/beliefs.

If others in your same chosen group have gone completely nuts and violent, perhaps you should focus on fixing that, rather than blaming outsiders who are suspicious of all members of a group infamous due to the extreme, devastating, and murderous actions of a few of its members. Turn your outrage toward them, not Target, for everyone's sake.


Unless they called you a terrorist I doubt they were racist and rude, and if you think your experience is racist try going past the security check at airport.


How were they rude to you? When you accuse people of being rude to you, you should explain how they were rude.

I don't consider people rude, unless they use foul language or curse at a person. What exactly makes you think you were discriminated against because of your religion?

You are making a lot of accusations and don't offer any verification. I don't mean to sound judgmental, but if you have such thin skin that you think you are being discriminated against because of religion, maybe instead of attracting attention to your religion you should dress like the rest of us.

to anonymous #863965

In other words get rid of the towel.

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