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I had gone to the fitting room with 9 or 10 items. I knew I was only able to take a certain amount into the dressing room at time so I ask the older woman that works there, " how many am i able to take in here with me?" .

She said i could only take six .. So i took my six items and left the rest of the counter and asked " can i come back and switch them out after? " . She looked at me and stayed quiet.

So i just went into the dressing room and began to try on the clothing when i hear a knock on my door, she says " how many did you take in there with you?" . I opened the door and told her i had six . She rudely demanded me to show her , so i gathered the items together and she goes " oh i didnt know if you could count " . So so rude ..

After i tried on those articles of clothing, i returned the number card and said to her " i would like to keep these, and return this one ". Her and another employee completely ignored me.. So i just placed them on the table where my other clothing had been and she goes " i wouldnt put them there if you want them to be back when you're done. We take clothes from here and put them back".

The other employee laughed and i just left. I left my clothing and everything .. Ive never had worse customer service anywhere. I bet she would not act snobby and rude with her little friend if her manager was in front of her.

People like her make Target lose business.

I would have bought quite a lot of clothes. RUDE.

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You should have just gone and gotten the manager and confronted her, with manager in tow.


I know the feeling. They have Terrible Customer service.

Even there management team especially Tiffany. RUDE

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As a Target employee, I'm sorry you went through that. I would never treat a guest that way.

Some people do not deserve their jobs.

It's unfortunate when people can't handle a job as simple as being civil, at the very least, to their customers. You should definitely take the store survey so that they can use it to improve.

Also, the previous commenter is a complete asshat.


Well your review with bad punctuation makes you seem uneducated, perhaps that is why she thought you could not count, or perhaps you were giving her attitude because she would not allow you to take more than six items in there and you went off in a huff, perhaps you forgot to add that detail to the review. If you want to take the clothing then take it with you, don't just leave the clothing there.

They have every right to put it back.

You should have explained to the cashier that you are six years old and needed to ask mommy first before you bought the clothing and to keep it aside, that way she would have known you were planning on coming back. You said you had ten articles of clothing and lets say the average cost is $20, that is $200 for them, and you were not even going to buy all the clothing, probably only$150 worth of clothing without tax, why honey your decision to not buy the clothes is not going to make them broke, I know to child such as yourself that is a lot of money, but for them it is nothing.

to Anonymous #1397075

You need to get proper training on how to be nice to people. You clearly got some issues.

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