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I have never had a bad experience at Target a day in my life, until today. As Target is only right around the corner from my house, I tend to buy all of my grocery, household items, pet supplies, and baby items here without a hassle. Well, not anymore - the Target store @ 13831 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove CA 92843 has me in such an uproar that I’m going to cancel my Target Red Card, and blog about this till I’m blue in the face!

I went in today to buy some standard groceries, some Old Spice deodorant and Scope mouthwash. The cashier that helped me, HEUI, has helped me several times in the past and has always been a delight. Today, he told me that he didn’t think that I was able to use my coupons. He checked with his manager JARED and JARED confirmed that I wasn’t able to use the coupon. When I asked why, he stated “if you used your common sense when reading the coupon…” - I stopped him from talking at that point and asked for my coupons back. I told him that I would be calling corporate to file a complaint in regards to his professionalism as he basically told me that I was illiterate and/or ***.

As I stepped off to the side, to call the corporate office, HEUI took another transaction with the same exact coupon and allowed the customer to use her coupons! I waited till the transaction was completed before I said anything but when I brought it up to JARED, he put his hands in my face and said “Step out of the transaction and go away”. The sad part was I was already on the phone with corporate and they could hear everything. JARED did come over and tell me that HEUI was wrong for ringing up the customer afterwards. I tried to explain to JARED that he was wrong and HEUI was correct with the amount of coupons used but he just walked away.

The coupon states - "Limit one coupon per purchase of product, limit of 4 like coupons per household per day”. So, if you purchase 1 product, you may use 1 coupon but you may purchase up to 4 items and use 4 coupons per household per day. I was trying to buy 3 items and use 3 coupons just like the lady did right after I stepped off to the side.

Still on the phone with the Target Corporate Office, she apologized for the way I had been handed by JARED and HEUI. She asked me to read exactly what was written on the coupon and she validated that I was correct - I should be able to use my coupons. So in the effort to easy this horrible customer experience, she asked me to hold on the line as she called the store directly.

In the first call to the store, she spoke with HEUI, he told her that my coupons were photo copies and wouldn’t scan into the computer! He said this is why he wasn’t able to use my coupons! My coupons were not photo copies. They were from the P&G inserts that come in my LA times newspapers that I receive every Sunday! When I explained this to the Target Corporate Office, she said that she would call back in effort to clarify what was wrong.

In the second call to the store, she spoke to ADNAN, he told her that it wasn’t an issue and that he would send a team member right over to help me out.. he apologized for her having to call back again and the assured her that I would be taken care of!

I stood there for another 5 minutes with the Target Corporate Office still on the line, waiting for a team member to come and assist me. I asked one of the cashiers if she could call JARED on the walkie talkie so I could see who was going to be helping me check out. He took so long to come up to the front, the Target Corporate Office called the store again!

In the third call to the store, she spoke to ADNAN again, he told her that he was the manager of the store and he would have JARED come over to resolve the issue.

I stood there for another 5 minutes with the Target Corporate Office still on the line, waiting for JARED to come and assist me. As he walked up, he opened up the conversation and said, I haven’t spoken to anyone yet - are they going to call? When I told him that the Target Corporate Office had already called the store 3 times and spoken to 2 different people claiming to be managers, he smirked and told me that they needed to talk to him - nobody else. The lady from the Target Corporate Office heard the whole conversation. She apologized over and over again but told me that she didn’t want to waste anymore of our time and that she would escalate this issue and follow up personally. She told me that she has never had to deal with a Target location that has been this unprofessional before! She also told me that she will be sending me an apology letter and a Target gift card due to this horrible experience.. She apologized again before we hung up.

Needless to say, JARED should be reevaluated for his position! He cannot handle customers properly or work with his own team members. For the Target Corporate Office to have to call a location 3 times and be lied to repeatedly about taking care of their customers shows how mixed up his priorities are!

Targets mission statement reads, “Our mission is to make Target your preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences by consistently fulfilling our Expect More, Pay Less brand promise”.

This is the complete opposite of everything I experienced today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I was at target today in windsor and a ca is her name India was very rude to me when asking about a price of a sweater that I was purchasing saying if the price is wrong it's not my problem take it up with customer service I was so upset that I will not return there

to Anonymous #1076249

Telling you that the price of the sweater is not what you thought it was is not the same as being rude. My guess if she was rude it was because you kept arguing with her.


Fake story, cashier's don't talk to guest service over the phone, Heui would have never spoken to the guest relations team member.

P.S. No one cares about your *** blog.


If I was ever checking out at the store and someone was so up in my business that they could see what coupons I was usings so closely they knew, without a doubt, they were the exact same ones they tried to use, I would knock the *** out of them. Respect peoples privacy.

to personalbubble #850801

That is just the thing she thinks she does not have to respect people's privacy but she wants people to respect her. She acts more like a teenager than an adult, no matter CPS took her child, and then to play the race card when it turns out she was wrong?


NEW policy to hate all customers that use coupons.


Well you threw a temper tantrum because you were told you cannot use your coupons, trust me you won't be missed. You ask a *** question they will think you are illiterate, I am sure that the coupon stated clearly how you could use it and how you could not use it, and you were trying to use it illegally.

They are not as *** as you are making them out to be, they know if you are lying, and have fake coupons.

You "forgot" to mention that the coupons were photocopied. Trust me their machines have a way of picking these up.

to Anonymous #849386

You don't know what is going on, okay so I admit the coupons were photocopied so what, I am a single parent and I have to save every penny, besides I have to prove to CPS that I can take care of my baby and provide for her. It does not matter whether the coupons were photocopied or not the fact that they did not believe me shows great volumes about how they treat their customers.

BTW the woman with the other coupons was white and I am black, I wonder if that has anything to do. Two of the coupons were original from the P&G inserts only ONE was a photocopy, and the fourth one I lost. Not my fault I am black.

Not my fault she had to scan the photocopied coupon, the other two were not and she could have used them. Because of the color of my skin I am not trusted.

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