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I visited the Target near my house last Friday and had the most negative and unacceptable experience at a retail store in my lifetime. Although the cashier was very nice, the supervisor was the rudest person I have ever encountered.

She was supposed to be helping the cashier with my two free IAMS dog food coupons. The first coupon was fine, but when called over for help, the supervisor, Brit, didn't know how to get the second coupon to scan. She grabbed my coupons and the register receipt and walked away. I had separated my checkout into two transactions to make things easier: the first with three free items and corresponding coupons and the second with items I was purchasing.

The cashier scanned my second purchase and I paid for that. As I was leaving I looked for the supervisor Brit who never returned and saw her at another register with another cashier. I asked her if she needed me for anything and she completely ignored me so I went ahead and left since I had paid for the second transaction and she had taken my three free item coupons for the first transaction. As I finished putting things in my car Brit comes out and asks, "Did you pay for that dog food." I said you know I did because you took my two free coupons from the cashier.

Then she asks to see my receipt. And that is when I was completely disgusted with her and said, "You know I don't have a receipt you took it." She was actually accusing me of stealing! It has been a week now and I am still furious. The supervisor can't figure out how to process a coupon, takes the receipt, walks away, ignores the customer, then accuses her of stealing?!?!

So unbelievable. The saddest part is I worked at a Target back when I was in college and have absolutely loved the store all these years.

Not anymore!

I sent this to Target's website and got a "we're sorry and we told the store" response. I never heard anything directly from the store.

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Target doesn't have customer service, they have "guest" service. What a bunch of B.S.

When was the last time you went into Target and were treated like a "Guest"? If you have a guest at you home you would probably offer them a beverage or a snack. When was the last time you were offered one of these at Target without the expectation that you would pay for it (wouldn't that make you a customer?).

Don't let them fool you, they are not interested in any kind of service... they just e=want your money.

Funny how people condemn others for complaining about Target, and then, bam, they personally get kicked by Target employees just for shopping there.
While I am sorry that you had a terrible experience with them, it proves once again that Target is becoming known for ripping customers off and treating them like criminals after they are ripped off! :( :(

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