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My son (14) went inside to return a movie received as a gift from an out of town relative. He didn't have the receipt. They refused to make either a refund or exchange without a drivers license. Not cool, but I went inside. We got back in line and here helped by a surly employee who tells me "its the policy!" in a real smart-*** tone and waives his hand at the wall behind him. While there is a policy about returns/exchanges needing to be made in 90 days and the forms of payment, ANY mention of age restrictions (can't have a driver's license if you're not at least 16... and some people like my wife's challenged sister aged 55 will never have a driver's license) on people returns products is not listed.

I asked for a written copy of the sales and returns policies, he says "I don't have one" and besides I've made your return now "leave". This was way more trouble than $5 is worth, and it makes me wary of purchasing anything at Target where I might have need of returning it.

I asked why we couldn't have just exchanged the movie for another one if it would have been easier? he says "why didn't you?" I replied, simply that there are no customer service employees at the entrance to assist people with returns or to mark return items as having come into the store so it doesn't look like I'm stealing. He replied again "I've made your return now leave".

I am SO pissed at Target!

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Target's return policy is on the back of their receipts. You would know that if you had one.


Mark, dear - Haven't you read about the wonderful company named Target? Well, my friend, check the Target site on Search and you will see that Target is "their store with their rules" and you are just some silly joker who expected to be treated fairly there.

They simply don't have to. After you read all the reviews, it will be plain for you to determine that the only fault with Target is, well, YOU!!

BTW: No need to go to the emergency room with that arrow in your buttocks.

It's complimentary when you walk into the store. It's free to every "guest" who enters and you can get a shi*load of them if you make a purchase there.


Why would you be sending your 14 year old in there by himself anyway.. I would have went in with him.

Take the time and do things the right way next time. Simple!!!


Student ids do not numbers on them. A valid drivers license or state issued id is required for returns and exchanges without receipt.


Again, their store, their rules. At Best Buy an I.D.

is required an ALL returns, receipt or not. Seeing it written down isn't going to make you feel better one bit. Some policies are in their internal controls that you have zero right to see.

Just show your I.D.

and be done with it. Why make such a fuss over it?


"So sad", I was being rude when I told the clerk that the policy he was quitting wasn't printed on the wall behind him? HE "pointed" to it with a wave of the had as if I'm too *** to read? Hardly! The only thing printed on the wall behind was about a 90 day limit on returns for a refund. I wasn't asking for a refund, and was well within the 90 days as printed on the receipt in hand. If you want to defend that ***, at least get the facts right.

Asking for a copy of the written policies is rude on my part? How does anyone know the written policies of the store of the store doesn't provide them on request?

Lastly, NO every retail store does not require a driver license... IDs can be something other than a driver's license. He has a student ID, it was rejected because its specifically not a driver's license.

I'll grant you that "many" stores do, but "all stores" do not. I've exchanged many things at Home Depot and Macy's without any form of ID. I have the item and the receipt and they happily make an exchange. I rarely get cash but I wasn't asking for cash, simply an even exchange. These other stores do it pleasantly.


Every retail store requires I.D.'s for return without a receipt period! Secondly the rudeness was your fault and not his.

You should be lucky they did a return for you at all.

That's a great way to act in front of your son and a great way to teach him how to act. Such a great example as a mother.


I might but like it, but I would be informed. Then I could decide if I wanted to do business with that store.

Not having the policy....any policy in writing is at best poor practice.

You want his behavior to be my fault, but I reject that opinion. He could have apologized for the inconvenience and thanked me for my business. He choose to tell me I was a *** *** because I wasn't aware of am unwritten policy. Thats a huge difference.

He could have asked if he could help me, direct me towards the department with what my son wanted. He chose to ask me to leave instead, because he didnt want to deal with my questions.


I.D.'s are required for returns without a receipt. Period.

Secondly, it's their store.

When someone comes over to your house and doesn't *** their shoes, do you have a complete list of rules ready to hand them on request? No, it's your house, your rules. Same thing with their store.

I'm not sure how seeing it on paper would make you feel any better anyway. You'd still be whining about it.

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