went to kenosha target store, picked up a duffle bag marked clearance. when i got to the check-out ( express lane ) the cashier told me 26.

dollars, i said look at the ticket which said 17 dollars + change. the cashier was obviously upset. she said that was the wrong ticket and not for the duffel bag, i told her i didn't want it she peeled the ticket off, and put it back on the floor behind her. i told her that there was another smaller bag clearance also cheaper to which i got no reply.

was she saying i changed the ticket ? why wouldn't she check with another employee to get to the bottom of the problem.

just goes to show some people just put their time in. well other stores are more helpful, courteous , and cheaper .

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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mr./ms. anonymous, you're sick.


You are right IHateStupidCustomers. I love men and only troll on this site to find a man who will treat me nasty and dirty. I live in a big plastic tupperware contain behind McDonalds, where I steal their electricity and wifi and post complaints in order to get free food to live off of.

ohhhh you mean that cunningham woman that mentioned it first. well you would remember that much detail with the amount of stalking you do on this site.

it's getting clearer now though mr. anonymous.

a new psychiatrist trick is to make other people seem like they need help so you feel like you're not the one that needs it. I'm glad that it's going well for you and that we're able to get you through it :)

No. You didn't say ***, but you did talk about Mrs.Lea's chest size.

It's o.k., though, you're just sick and can't help yourself.

Everyone understands. Call Ethan and Bruce and see!! They're behind you all the way. We're all behind you.

Just call the doctor in the morning. Sometimes, you need to go further to help yourself.


when I have I mentioned ***? technically that'd be you since you said it before me.

I'm kind of stuck on what to say next because I've basically said all I can say about you.

I guess the only thing we can all get from your last comment is that you've been caught in the act and you're trying to pour your sick games onto someone else. sorry Mississippi but stalking people and attempting to rape them isn't legal.


Pretty big words from someone who can only stay affixed on people's ***, ***, perverts, and so on. All of your fantasies are too lengthy to list here.

You really have some kind of obsession with kinky sex.

Please quit embarrasing yourself and seek medical help. Contact someone quickly before it becomes harmful to yourself or others!

And, hey, good luck in therapy - you'll really need it. Remember, dude. Take it one day at a time.


Jedi, don't call any phone number that he gives you. chances are, it'll be his phone number and he'll try to talk dirty to you over the phone.

or it'll be a phone number to one of those late night sex hotlines but it'll only be for men and of course, mr. anonymous will be the one to answer.


Don't try to think things through, Jedi. You know it has never worked before.

Try getting on the phone and calling a friend to calm yourself. Suicide Hotline is open all night and it's the only form of therapy for someone out of control like you are right now.


Ethan, don't forget that anonymous Mississippi is using this site as a free online dating site. or in his case, an online predator site.


If anonymous from Herndon, VA knows that why did he try an pull the scam? Also I was referring to the *** from silver spring, maryland, US. He is so full of himself and thinks he is better than everyone else.


Anyways notice how anonymous mostly posts on Target complaints. My guess he was caught stealing from them and or fired from Target.

I'm sure Anonymous knows that, ***! :p :cry :cry


Switching stickers because you cannot afford to pay the higher price is called fraud ***.


So basically you got caught putting a $17 sticker on a $26 and you are angry they did not give you what you wanted anyway.

Don Juan Delanuche sometimes they get their kids to change their prices so they can get the items cheaper, and beat their children if they get caught or if they realize it is wrong and don't obey.


That's why it's called "Clearance" for a reason ***.

If it doesn't ring up on sale, it probably was an old sticker or someone else put it on, don't cry. :cry

the original poster just sounds rude.


Most likely Where.


Most likely Where.


Seems like the cashier did her job. How was she rude?

And yes; it is very common for people to change the "Clearance" tags on items.

But it doesn't matter, the barcode is all that matters. And little kids change them too, because parent don't want to be parents and control their children.

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