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I wanted to purchase bedding for my son at Target. I purchased one bedding set( Item # DPCI-060-26-0358) from the store located at 6000 Sawmill Rd in Dublin, OH 1:01 pm.

I learned that another bedding (Item # DPCI-060-26-0270) I wanted to purchase was only available in the area at the store located at 3955 E. Broad St. and was not available in Queen size to purchase online. I then travelled 30 miles to the store on E.

Broad St. and purchased this bedding set along with sheets and pillowcases (Items # 062-16-2645 and Item # 062-16-2648) at 3:02 pm. When I was driving back to my home, I read the receipt from the E. Broad St.

store and realized that they had charged me $79.99 for the comforter set instead of the advertised $59.99. I also realized that the cashier had not given me the sheets and pillowcases. Since I was nearly home in Dublin, I drove to my local Sawmill Rd. store again and explained the problem to a woman who was working at the Customer Service (CS) desk (name unknown).

She promptly called the store on E. Broad and confirmed that the bag my sheets were placed in by the cashier had not been given to me and was now at the Customer Service desk. While she was still on the phone with the other store, she checked her computer and told me these sheets were available in her store and asked if I would get them and bring them back to the CS desk so she could credit me for the mistake made at the E. Broad St.

store and I could re-purchase them at the Sawmill Rd. store. When I brought the sheets and pillowcases back to the CS desk, she informed me that she did not have the authority to do this and I would have to drive 30 miles back to the E. Broad St.

store to get the merchandise the cashier failed to place on the counter and give to me. I asked to please speak to a manager as this was an unacceptable solution. A young woman in a managerial position (name unknown) came to the CS desk and told me there was nothing she could do to solve the problem. I asked to please speak to the store manager or anyone who could solve this rather simple problem by either having the Broad St.

store ship me my merchandise or by getting a credit for the merchandise so I could purchase the same merchandise from the Sawmill Rd. store. Denee Basset (the store manager) then came to the CS desk and worked with another senior citizen who was extremely upset because Ms. Basset would not allow her to return a "Frozen" Blue-Ray DVD she had purchased.

When it was my turn in line (after I had spent nearly 30 minutes in the store) Ms. Bassett and was extremely rude to me, telling me that if I wanted the sheets I had purchased, I would have to drive 30 miles back to the Broad St. store and get them. I tried to explain to her that this was not MY mistake, that the cashier at the Broad St.

store had failed to lift the bag the sheets were in from the bagging area to the counter so I would take them along with my other purchases, and that I wanted them shipped to my home or a credit given for the unacquired merchandise, She responded by informing me that she did not know if I had actually purchased them or had stolen them. Aghast, I asked her if she had not spoken with the woman at her own CS desk or the personnel at the Broad St. CS desk to learn that the sheets were, indeed, purchased on my credit card and still at the Broad St. store.

Ms. Basset then became very loud and rude and told me,"You know, I should just give you this receipt back and have YOU deal with it. I don't have to help you. We are 2 different stores".

Then Ms. Basset proceeded to belittle me in front of several employees and customers while she dialed the Braod St. store number and rolled her eyes.

I told her that I wanted the receipt back and I would deal with it through the BBB and Target Corporate. She very rudely jabbed the receipt over the counter and me the receipt and said, "Fine, you deal with it".

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $119.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #865921

Maybe her behavior was not acceptable for customer service, however she IS right. If the Broad St.

store has the merchandise they did not give you you need to go to THAT store. The manager is absolutely right in that how is she supposed to know you didn't just buy one set, walk into her store and say they never gave it to you, and now you walk out with a free set of sheets? She has no way to know if you are being honest or not.

You know who does? Broad St.

to MattD78 #866871

There was nothing wrong with the behavior of the employee, the OP just mistook being told no as being rude, which is what happens often on this site.


It is funny to see adults behaving like four year old children. You are not four years old so you do not need mommy to make sure you took your bags with you.

It part of your job to make sure that you leave with what you purchased. Another thing four year old mistake is being told no, and being told you cannot have your way as rudeness. Being told no, and not giving you your way is not the same as being rude. As for the Frozen DVD that was purchased that has to do with the law, you cannot return an opened DVD so that senior citizen acted like another four year old when she threw a temper tantrum by wanting them to break the law.

Besides that incident was none of your business, another behavior of a four year old jumping into things that are none of their business. If you act like a four year old then you are asking to be belittled in front of employees, you may be an adult but you obviously still need to be shopping with a parent or babysitter, part of this is your fault for not double checking you had everything with you.

GROW UP, you are no longer four years old so don't act like you are. If you did not mention that you were driving I would have thought this was written by a four year old with advanced spelling and grammar.


Addendum: This is the solution I desired when I wrote to BBB and Target corporate. I am not holding my breath for this solution:

I am in the process of notifying my bank to dispute the charge for the sheets and pillow cases I never received.

I am sure my bank (who values their customers) will make certain these charges are removed. (Sad, that I have to spend several hours rectifying a simple mistake that could have been resolved quickly by Target personnel). The more significant issue, however, is Ms. Basset's treatment of Target customers in general, and senior citizens in particular.

I am requesting that Target Corporate call me to discuss this incident and I would hope that they take measures to ensure that Ms. Basset either receive customer service training and counseling or, alternatively, is never in a position where she can abuse customers/senior citizens again. I also request that, after they speak to me and have all of the information for a thorough investigation, that they place a formal reprimand for this incident in Ms.

Basset's employee file. This type of behavior should never be tolerated by employers.

to Anonymous #865567

Again(this is directed to the four year old trapped in an adult body, the issue with the senior citizen is none of your business, grow up and mind your own business, they could not return the blue ray because of copyright laws. I said you were four years old in the review, I was wrong even a four year old is more mature, you act more like you are two.

You are the one that needs counselling if you do not admit fault to leaving your purchase behind, blame the cashier for not lifting the bags. you are not a child stop acting like one and take personal responsibility. Your parents are obviously failures because they failed to teach you personal responsibility. Even a four year old can admit fault from time to time.

Grow up. I bet everyone had a good laugh at you(customers, employees) when you left the store.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #866438

Actually what your bank will do is (temporarily) remove the charge and then contact Target. Target has 30 days to respond, which will likely be "Her bedding is here at Broad St she needs to come pick them up". The bank then having confirmed it is a legitimate charge and you simply need to pickup the merchandise will then place the charge BACK ON.

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