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Today I tried to purchase two 18-packs of Keurig K-Cups that included a 5 dollar Target gift card when purchased together from the Target store on 12 Mile Rd in Michigan. When rung up the price on one of them was wrong but I was told that I was wrong and would have to grab another box.

When I went back to the aisle I confirmed that I was right and grabbed the sign detailing the sale. I took it back and was told by the cashier that I was still wrong so I requested a manager. The manager, Tina, was rude and dismissive despite me having the sale placard in my hand. She refused to look at it and told me I was wrong and would have to return my items.

I told her I would like to speak to her superior and she told me that there was no one in the store above her position that I could talk to. I went to the service desk, very upset, and inquired with the lady there who was very polite and helpful. She informed me that there was indeed a manager above the one I had talked to and called her to the desk. This second manager was dismissive and treated me like a child.

She gave me a ratty five dollar bill from the register instead of a gift card and attempted to fix the price of the sale. She was unable to, despite being the highest ranking manager available in the store. She said she would have to void the entire sale and start over. She was obviously mystified by the register and since she was so unapologetic and disingenuous I became further upset and asked her to just refund my money so that I could get this experience behind me and take my money elsewhere.

Her attitude throughout the entire transaction struck me as incredibly rude for a person who's job it was to represent this company. She had absolutely no customer service skills and strained visibly to even show the slightest bit of concern for how her employees were treating me. Never did she apologize for the actions of those working under her despite the fact that I was very visibly upset. I have NEVER been treated like this ANYWHERE and it boggles my mind that it happened in such a corporate environment.

After she returned my money I started heading for the door but then realized that I had to give her a piece of my mind or I would spend the evening feeling as though a Target manager had just gotten away with basically insulting me. I came back to the service desk and asked her why I should ever return to the store and why she had made no attempt to reconcile my bad experience. She said that if I had just waited that she was getting around to that. Now I was even more insulted.

I gave her every chance to apologize or show any concern at all for the experience I had in her store and was conceded nothing. So now she was lying to me and trying to turn the blame for my experience on me as the employees below her had tried to do. I can't believe that these are the people responsible for the flow of so much money. The nicest and most patient person in the place had seemingly no authority unfortunately.

Someone should take a look into this store and figure out what the problem is.

In terms of customer service the place is ABHORRENT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Miami, Florida, United States #784739


But.. MAYBE the TARGET CEO don't know about it.


I would have just thrown you out of the store. You definitely sound like more trouble than you're worth.

to Simon York, Pennsylvania, United States #763192

the *** like anonymous think the customers have to kiss their self righteous *** don't think that if it wasn't for these people who come into the store and spend their money YOU WOULDN'T HAVE MONEY TO LIVE AND EAT WITH EITHER. AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORK THEIR EITHER IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT OF RETAIL. GET OUT AND GET A REAL JOB.

to the customer is always right Muskegon, Michigan, United States #763197

^THIS. BY the way, everyone: it's called Pissed Consumer, not Retaliating Employee.

to the customer is always right Les Cedres, Quebec, Canada #763275

When the customer is trying to scam and defraud the company like this person did they are not in the right. If they allowed customers like this to scam and defraud the company than the company would be out of business and they would not be able to feed themselves.

to Simon York, Pennsylvania, United States #763193

You would have your head bashed in by a customer just to adjust your attitude


target hires,trains,supports these managers. not only do they treat the customers badly think of what they put the employees that work for them through.

they like the superior *** off attitudes.

they gave you the WE DO NOT NEED CUSTOMERS LIKE YOU HERE. listen



Safety Harbor, Florida, United States #760244

I just like it when people act like a child and complain about treated like a child. Being told you are wrong is not the same as being rude. If it is you told them that they were wrong and were being just as rude. Why should she apologize for the actions of someone else. Only a child would expect that.

"She said that if I had just waited that she was getting around to that. Now I was even more insulted."

There you go again acting like a child. You were unable to wait patiently and lost your temper. Then you had to have the last word and return just to yell at her again.

You claim she is not taking any responsibility, why not take responsibility for your actions. Honey let me tell you again telling you are wrong and not apologizing when you may have been wrong is not being rude.

You claim you were treated like a child. Well this is what happens when you act like you are still three years old.

Bel Air, Maryland, United States #760179

I agree with you...Target has gone downhill with it's customer service. Shop at Nordstrom! They have wonderful customer service!

Muskegon, Michigan, United States #760177

Life is about doing good, not looking good. But someone who just runs around spitting their negativity wouldn't understand that.


Of course you felt like you should give her a piece of your mind. Apparently you don't realize sometimes people come out looking like the better person if you let sleeping dogs lie.

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