On Dec 17th we purchased a Nintendo Dsi XL Super Mario Special edition from TARGET Stores fro my 5 Year old step-son. Well Christmas morning I struggled to get the packaging flap open, because so much glue fused the covers together, once open, I found the CD compartment empty & the Game completely missing with three stacks of folded 8-1/2 x 11" sheets of paper for weight, and I had a crying 5 year old boy,.

Wouldnt you know NO One in TARGET including Corporate office would help, they wont look for any in any stores in the USA & they wont interbranch or ship to a wronged consumer, all they tell you we will give you your money back; which hasnt happened yet & i'm waiting for that battle.

I went online with Amazon & ordered a new game that will arrive on the 29th. I am pissed & I should stop shopping there they have a bunch of ill equipped personell working for them.

Monetary Loss: $190.

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Hazard, your words hurt too much. I don't know what your problem is. Maybe your boyfriend doesn't treat you right. In any case, there is no need to take it out on me with your oh so hurtful words.

Oh and you're so sure the OP didn't try and pull a fast one? How clairvoyant of you. Stores don't sell boxes of paper as dsi's genius. It's clearly a scam.

Now I'll try to be as smart as you. You die *** boo hoo my strong words hurt abort fetus hang yourself. Gotcha!



They CLEARLY did that, eh? Do tell how your psychic powers divined that one, dummy.

Sadly for you, you're the *** here. Sorry to be the one to tell you that, guess your parents just didn't have the heart. I'm glad you find it funny, but it doesn't change the fact that you're a pathetic human being and a waste of air.


Oh Hazard, your "die in a fire" gag just gets more and more hilarious every time I read it. I guess the odds of it happening are increased because an *** wished it upon me. If you're going to be a good comedian, get some new material. Of course when you're a ***, I bet it's hard to have original material.

The pathetic sack of *** comment really hurt (tear).

The OP clearly tried to scam the store. It's not going to fly.


Simon, why don't you just do all of us a favor and die in a fire? You've been spamming these forums all day with your negative BS about everyone being a scammer. You're a pathetic sack of ***.

no, Nintendo doesn't fill boxes with paper, but PLENTY of @sshats like you buy an item, fill the box, glue it shut, and return the box. it's a known scam that's well documented on the internet.

As for the rest of you idiots, (I like Target) stuff like this happens ALL THE TIME. Do you think Target has magic elves that call pull nintendos out of their butts? this item was a HOT sale this year and hard to find, I know for a fact.

@ reality check -- yeah, the kid will live. The kid is also a FIVE year old who still prob believes in Santa that didn't have his Xmas wish come true. Companies have an OBLIGATION to fulfill customer requests. We PAY for this. it's not a freaking GIFT for a store to honor a refund or exchange request, and it's not a GIFT to help a customer that's a victim of fraud because TARGET can't be bothered to adequately check returned items. You people are freaking idiots. Target should have fixed this, not used the route of least work. Too often these days companies just f@#$ over the customer because it's cheaper.


Why didn't you simply return the game to Target on 12/26 and get a new, unopened one? Ok, you might have to wait if they are sold out - the 5 year old will live.

By ordering from Amazon you have made your goal that much more difficult as it's now a return rather than an exchange. You should have spent your time at the store explaining your predicament rather than posting on this site.


So you bought a DSI, opened it, and tried to stuff it full of junk, and then returned it hoping to get your money back? That's not going to fly.

Sorry, Nintendo doesn't pack their boxes full of paper, so I'm glad Target caught on to your scam. Good try tho


Why didn't you just return the game and buy a new one on Sunday, rather than rant and rave and post on the Internet. Is there more to this than meets the eye? I don't believe Target would have put you off and you would have got your kid the game sooner than ordering from Amazon.

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