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Not happy. Went to buy computer speakers.

Website said they were $10.99 online price. I get to the store and they cost me $14.99 plus tax. Why the difference? Website doesn't show store prices.

They made an extra $4 off me today but they'll lose a lot more because I won't be back. This is deceptive advertising - every other store seems to have a website with accurate pricing so why not these clowns? From now on I'll just stick to Walmart or Radioshack.

It's not a large loss, but it's the principle of the matter. The store was almost deserted when I went in at noon - now I know why.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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it was called an online price for a reason, ***. next time, just buy them online. I'm waiting for your next complaint, Best Buy charged me more than what a person on Ebay was selling the item for!


In the back of Wal-Mart stores by the bathrooms, NOT at the custemer service counter, is the online desk!


There you can pickup items you ordered online, AND, get the online price. They did this for me several times.

to Mike_mn #778282

Oh, once they did this for me for a product in the store. You just need to ask.


Hope you didn;t use a credit card/debit card they are still being hacked and people are still having all the funds removed from account and not reissuing RED CARDS becasue of this. As far a prices go DID YOU CHECK WALMART they have the same products cheaper daily!

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #770790
The number of people who don't seem to understand that online prices are often cheaper is mind-boggling to me. And thanks Mike Brady for pointing out that it even says ONLINE PRICE!

So congrats, you have taken the time to post a completely meaningless complaint. :roll :roll
to sessa Jewell, Georgia, United States #771842

What is worse is not only does this child not know that prices online are cheaper. He/she also thinks that this is being dishonest.


Two words - PRICE MATCH….ever heard of it?

Obviously not...


Yup, the store was almost empty at noon because online prices don't match up with brick and mortar prices, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER RETAILER IN THE WORLD, LOL. Maybe they were empty because it was noon on a weekday? Yeah?

Here, I will spell it out for you; you pay extra for the convenience of getting your product same day and from a brick and mortar building, you m0r0n.

Titusville, Florida, United States #770670

Online stores charge less than their physical counter parts. Online stores have lower overhead. When you are on a store's website like Target or Walmart it is assumed you are there to buy it online, not there to use the website as a catalog.

Pomona, California, United States #770660

lady/man your *** of course it is going to cost cheaper on the website because it varies by store and maybe with the shipping and handling it would be 14.99 or even more plus there is always an online price you dumb ***. Come on man get with the program and if your seriously going to be complaining about your own ignorance well you need someone to hold your weave.

If you have a problem come look for me at Garey High School Pomona, Ca.

-Jerome Rucker

to Jerome Rucker Pomona, California, United States #770665

Seriously want to hear from you!!!!!!!


Houston, Texas, United States #770586

Here is exactly what the website says:

Sale price$10.99 Online Price

Logitech S120 Speaker System - Black (980-000309)

Note the words "Online Price" plain as day.

Thank you for providing the exact model number. It made it much easier to check this out. Read carefully next time before you call something a rip off.

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