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I am deeply upset about the resent change in bathroom and dressing room policies. I strongly disagree with this change therefore I will not be shopping at any Target locations in the US or elsewhere. I will encourage other to do the same.

Shirley Jenkins- Michogan

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I don't have a problem with it as long as there are still locking individual stalls I can use. Transgender people don't have x ray vision...

to Anonymous Benicia, California, United States #1149321

They are freaks, so perhaps they do. LOL

to Not_the_0P #1150460

You are a self admitted sexual harasser of women, so I don't believe I will take anything you say on this matter seriously.

to Anonymous #1150521

if you read the review i was falsely accused.

to Anonymous Merrydale, Louisiana, United States #1151198

I doubt you were falsely accused from SEVERAL different women. That is not very believable.


This is a good review, by Shirley. If target thinks, they can insult they're established customers, and enable people, that aren't happy.

with the sex, that God gave them, to roam the washrooms, that, they prefer, they deserve to take a financial hit. My Red card has been destroyed.

Sooner or later, maybe Target will try to install cameras, in the washrooms, to prevent incidents. I think that Walmart and other retailers will profit from this ignorance, and I hope decent, caring parents, will shop elsewhere.


They are going too far, and the people on this site are just as as sick and support these freaks. They deleted my comment telling me what they feel.

While everyone has an opinion mine was removed because these freaks don't support my opinion.

We learn before kindergarten that males have a certain part, and women have certain parts. We sometimes also get tired of our cars but do not rip the doors out.


My human rights are violated, I do not want to share a restroom with a male. Just because he she dresses like a female makes it one.

The anatomy is still what it was born with. Just because I glue feathers to my cow makes it a bird. It puts women and children at risk and leaves and opening for pedophiles/rapist to impose as females. Why do we have to have all our rights changed for a minority group of people?

They can use a private restroom designated handicapped with male or female on the door and is private. This is more than ***.

to Anonymous #1148946

You do know that women can be pedophiles too right? You risk your child's safety whenever you allow them to use the washroom alone.

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