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Oh my they are a mess in customer service. I placed an order and tried to use my baby registry coupon. It didn't work. (Big surprise! This is a common complaint if you search it) so I called to have it applied. No problem said the rep. Great I though problem solved! Nope not a chance!!!!!!! Evidently the discount refund was processed into some twilight zone. It sent me an email confirmation but never credited back to my gift card which I paid for the whole order with. So I called and was told when the order is shipped you'll see a credit. Nope! So I called. I was then told when you receive the order you see the credit. Nope! So I called AGAIN! Now I'm told you didn't even pay for the order. You got all the items for free and should be happy. We will let you keep the items. We won't give you a refund when you didn't even pay for them!!! What?? I had a gift card with xxx dollars and it's empty how did I not pay for the item? Furthermore why would a large company like Target ship items that weren't paid for? Doesn't that sound silly? Finally I got a rep who did the research and discovered that it was all a processing error and that I did indeed pay for the items and that there was a refund due to me BUT the order had to be reprocessed by the Internet team and that it would take 10 days and that maybe I would see a gift card in my email for all my troubles (wink wink) I was Leary. Can I have an extension number so I can contact you when it doesn't happen. NO we don't have extensions BUT I will pend your case on my des (supposedly a supervisor) and make sure it gets resolved. Trust me!! With great doubt I did and hung up. Two weeks later...NOTHING!!!!!! Shocker! Now I'm pissed. So I go in the store and speak to customer service and they call because they understand the problem. They explain and they apoligize and say it will be fixed soon. And for the first time I receive an $8 we are so sorry gift card in my email. Two weeks late is it fixed?...NOPE!!!!! So i post a negative comment on a Facebook ad and a rep replied. We want to make this right. And I think FINALY! So I explain my story and the reply? "Hi Allison - Thanks for writing back with your order number. We're showing that the 15% discount was adjusted on your order. The discount was applied before the order shipped and since we don't bill until the order ships, we were able to make the adjustment on the original order. We're showing a discount of $30.26 was applied. Please let us know if you have any further questions. - Jessie" noooooo!!! You didn't listen!!!

My reply?

Well your wrong! I've already had it discussed and figured out and noted on my account. I'm not surprised you still can't get it straight and DIDN'T read the notes I told you to read. I will continue to post my negative experience. The whole order was supposed to be reprocessed by the Internet department since it didn't process right. It should be obvious to you that something went wrong since the order was in a processing status for like two months!

FINALY I got a reply

Hi Allison - Thanks for writing back! We apologize for any service issues you've had regarding this order. We'd like to send you a GiftCard for $34. Please let us know if you like that mailed or sent via email. If you'd like it sent by email, please write back with your email address, along with 07212088 so we can make sure we are sending it to the correct one. We appreciate you being a Target shopper. - Jessie

It took 3 months and several hours and being hung up on and really still not properly fixed for me to fight for my measly $34 discount that was suppose to be for new moms to make their life easier. Dear god!!! What a pain in the neck night mare!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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If you are stressed about this, I would hate to see the stress you go through taking care of a newborn. You got your issue fixed, what is the big deal.

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