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The representative of customer service was rude. How could she hang up customer's phone call?! It has made me sad and I won't go and purchase there any more.

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I am a manager at another retail location, and I tell my employees that if a customer is being rude to them on the phone, to hang up. If a customer is rude in the store, disengage and walk away.

Just because you are a customer does not mean you can treat the employees badly or rudely, and personally I do not put up with it. You didn't own up to it, but I'm willing to bet you were rude to the employee who hung up on you, so I applaud them.

to Anonymous #1049664

Of course they can never admit to being rude, some of these posters. I never had a problem with someone in retail, or fast food, because I treat others the way I want to be treated.

Sometimes these people mistake being told "sorry, you cannot do that" as rude, things like sorry no receipt, no return.

Some people even play the race card. For example this one woman was complaining about how she was ignored and treated rudely because she was black, it turns out she thought she should be allowed to interrupt because she had a small question.

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