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My girlfriend went there to get some soup and NyQuil. She didn't have her ID on her.

We live within eyesight of the store. She is 30 and looks over 18 easy. She was denied our medicine because lack of ID. This is appalling.

The store lacks empathy. I had to crawl out of my sick bed to go get our medicine. I spoke with a manager, she had even less empathy and stood by the clerks actions.

Target will be losing my business and as many others as I can rally. I made sure to cough all over my newly purchased box of NyQuil before handing it to her, along with my ID.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Oh gosh, I'm sure they'll miss your business. It's policy and cashiers, supervisors and store managers are unable to bypass that protocol.


Without a valid form of ID and a birth date the transaction cannot be complete. No one was being vindictive towards you, but you sure showed them how childish you are.


All I needed to read was the first line of your complaint to know it's completely invalid. Complaining that a store will not sell someone an age restrictive item without proof of age is just a baby throwing a fit.


in my state you have to be carded if you look under 30 for products that has an age limit. oh and getting the cashier sick because you are a horrible person isn't going to change the fact you will have to show your id.

like she's making you shop there or making you buy that product (there are other cold stuff that works just fine) or requiring you to show id. you are selfish and immature. yes i card everyone. i have stopped many kids from being ***.

and if you tell me your id is expired i wont take it.

ha. because of people like you two.


Who goes out without ID?


Walmart doesnt card anyone for buying over the counter medication neither does my local pharmacy or my food store shoprite!!

to Anonymous #893827

thats against all the states laws. you must be 70 yrs old thats why they dont card you


Also she may look over 18, but does she act over 18?


I seriously doubt your girlfriend is over the age of 18 if she cannot fight her own battles. More like she is five years old.

I would call you a sicko for having a five year old girl friend but apparently you yourself seem to be not much older, perhaps eight years old if you do not understand that the are just following the law. Why could your girlfriend not go back to the store with proper ID. Most likely because they would find out she is five years old. The fact that you were able to buy medicine that your five year old girlfriend could not buy makes you over the age of 18, however you act five yourself.

For someone such as yourself to date a five year old is sick. Admit it, your girlfriend is five not 30. If she were really 30 she would be writing her own review rather than having her sick boyfriend type it out. Funny how you can type a review being as sick as you are.

You are more sick in the head for dating a five year old. Then again perhaps you are both adults. After all if you were not able to buy the medication I would assume from your behavior that you are five years old. Guess you are both immature and made for each other.

They were just following the law, she did not have the ID so she could not make the purchases. She should have went back with the ID when she got home. Clearly if she were really 30 as you claim she would have her ID on her, or perhaps both of you are idiots and could not figure out the best solution would be for her to return to the store with proper ID.

I would suggest you dump your girlfriend because she does not care about you if she makes you go to the store rather than going back to the store with proper ID and makes you type this complaint, but you and her deserve each other since you are both miserable and immature. They are just following the law, the cashier could get fired if she did not ask for ID.

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